RCAF Fleet 16 "Finch"


Hey Ratrod,
The edges at the front which are not attached will actually be a hinging cover for a small stowage area just behind the cockpit, currently it’s just a round sheet but this will change.

As for the wings, aluminium frame skinned with fabric.



It’s been a while since the last update because of the holiday season and moving country but the last two days I was able to pick this one up again.

With the influx of new reference photos I was able to finish up both instrument panels. The only thing missing is a Watch Holder on the front panel but I’ve got no reference photos for that. I’ve also finished up pretty much all other instruments in the cockpit and did a corrective pass on the elevator which was too fat.

Next up some final tweaks to the cockpit and then it’s on to the landing gears and some minor tweaks to the exhaust shrouds. After that I think this model is done :slight_smile:



Finished both cockpits Today so I think that part of the plane is now signed off unless I get a nice reference photo for the watch holder :slight_smile:



Very nice update! Now on to the fun part uv’s? :slight_smile:


Not yet! First some details on the fuselage and the landing gears need to be modelled up. After that indeed UV’s :wink:


Another thing that I will model is the fully enclosed canopy which was the standard configuration of the RCAF at the time which is a bit of a conversion kit so to say.

Finished the stowage bin cover directly behind the rear cockpit and started working on the front landing gear. Slightly slower week as I did not have as much time available.



Main landing gear pretty much complete, the wheel hub itself and the tire are hard to find proper ref on but the tire itself looks plain and smooth in the old photos I have which is kind of odd.

Also I did start on the tail wheel but that is not in a state to show yet.



I’m still working on finishing the model itself, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy with other things and I’m really struggling with the winter canopy (enclosed hood) because I’ve got very little accurate photographic evidence, no measurements of anything and there are a lot of custom “hack” jobs around as well.

All in all, more difficult than the exhaust shroud it turns out :smiley:


Have no doubts that in the end you will get it… Keep going can’t wait to see some textures on this bird!


After a lot of nudging and moving verts around I think I’m finally in a good spot for this winter canopy. It was quite the challenge to get the basics right when you are working off 3 photos of the (correct) canopy mounted and 2 photos of it in parts on the floor without any factory drawings for basic measurements or mounting points.
The windscreen in particular has got quite a bit of challenging angles behind the struts which were fun.
There are still details missing on it like the locking mechanisms etc. which I’ll model next.

Additionally to the winter hood I’ve also modelled in two additional intakes in the exhaust shrouds that function to draw in hot air to heat the cockpit by taking in air directly behind the cylinder head.

After finishing the canopy I’ll add a plug to the bottom of the cowling for the starter and one or two tiny details and then it’s finished in terms of modelling.



The model is finally finished, managed to sort out the details and change a few bits that needed changing:





Just giving this a bump so it doesn’t get closed. Soon I’ll have time to start the UV’s and textures on this beauty :slight_smile: