RCAF Fleet 16 "Finch"


Started this little obscure trainer aircraft this week, it’s another client commission. It was a trainer for the Canadian Airforce in WW2.
It turns out that good reference for this thing is very hard to come by an at the moment I’m puzzling together various factory drawings of parts / frames to try and make sense of it with the help of photos.

Fun project but tricky modelling this way if you want it all to be correct :smiley:

Just some shapes at the moment trying to get the basic lines/dimensions correct. (Click for large images)

Cobra 6


Imho only the engine is the hard part.
If I were you i’d just use something that is similar for engine. For example use this kinner b5. it seems it was actually installed in finches, not sure if your model has it thou.


This page also seem to have some nice photos. Look at 1934 KINNER B-1 “SPORTSTER” part.


Yeah that is the actual engine that this version had, I’ve actually got factory drawings on it as the client provided me with the manual for the plane. However the manual doesn’t have a decent profile drawing of the plane so I work with total measurements and the parts that I do have drawings off to puzzle it together :slight_smile:

Thanks for the page, I’ll check it out!

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I was able to put in some more work this weekend. Nearly finished blocking out parts so then I can start detailing.

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After a couple more hours this weekend I’ve got the fabric that covers the main wings and the elevator body in. Needs some minor tweaking still but it’s something I never did before so that makes it interesting even though the modelling itself is repetitive :smiley:

Also, some of the connectors for the wing-struts are in.

Cobra 6


A couple more hours this weekend in, managed to get down the fabric effect on the fuselage and cut the panels on the front as well.
Also, found a few errors in my initial mesh, turns out the lower wing was too far forward so move it back into the correct position, also the elevator body was too deep, so made that more shallow. And it turns out the rudder body is actually not on the middle of the fuselage but offset to the left.

Additionally, more correct yellow colour! :wink:

Cobra 6


Last update almost a year ago, has it really been that long? Been very busy modelling at work, especially since November and doing quite a lot of overtime as well which somewhat dampened my enthusiasm to continue on this one for a while but it’s coming back now.

Put some more time in this weekend starting to define the panels of the cowling, front of the fuselage and adding some details left and right.

Cobra 6


Working on the windscreens, still some details left.

Cobra 6


More time into the windscreens, they are pretty much done now. Did some minor shape corrections as well on them.

Cobra 6


Was away for two weeks but now I’m back again and was able to get some hours in Today.

Cobra 6


Couple of more hours on the engine, it’s starting to get there! :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


A load more hours on the engine cylinders as well as the puzzle that is the exhaust system. Engine pretty much done, now to finish the exhaust and electrics.

Cobra 6


Looking good Cobra !!


Hey Mike! Long time no see buddy, how are you? :slight_smile:


A part from some small details like bots, the engine is pretty much done now as is the exhaust system itself.
Next update will be those smaller details and the panels behind the engine as well as a prop :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Now we start the fun part of this model, details! Added some to the exhaust system and also started adding them to the cowling etc.

Cobra 6


Added a load more detail to the area in front of the cockpit as well as on the wing struts. Finally the wings are also actually connected to the fuselage now :slight_smile:

While doing this I found out I had the orientation of the wing struts and wires slightly off so I had to tweak that including all the fuel lines etc.

Also, for some magical reason I had the fabric shader assigned to the windscreens for a while now so that was corrected as well :smiley:

Cobra 6


Was able to put in a few more hours this weekend which resulted in the wings now being attached to the struts everywhere as well as the wires being attached to the wings.

Also started putting in instrument panels/backrest panels and had to do some minor corrections to the front cockpit shape (panel shapes not correct around the windscreen and instrument panel).



Wow, this is looking really good! I love the latest update, the model has changed so much (for the better) since you originally posted!


Yeah it has even though it’s a slow build this one :slight_smile: Thanks!

An update after putting in another couple of hours this weekend which do not show up much in the renders unfortunately =/
Managed to actually find a factory drawing for the tube-/airframe of this thing and after modelling the frame, I found out that my eye-balling was a bit off in certain areas, mainly the wing-struts near the windshield and the height of the area where the fabric fuselage meets the metal cover panel. It turned out my border was slightly too high.

All of this is corrected now and the fuselage airframe is in place.