Razors new modular PC - Project Christine


While looking around at what’s out there and seeing the new MAC Pro 2014 design seen below:

I stumbled into Razor’s new modular PC - Project Christine and thought some here at CGS might find it interesting as well.

Here is a first look video of Project Christine:


“…even though it has not released any estimates, the company has a proposal to make upgrading Project Christine easy on the wallet: a subscription service. Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan mentioned this idea in his interview with Gamespot. Skip to 4:00 in the video below to him talk about it.”


In looking at the above video - he’s running 3 GPU’s and a water cooling system.

Designed at the moment more for the Gamers from what I understand, but who knows what the future holds.

There certainly is some interesting new concepts this year for system design.

To read more on Project Christine you can jump over the Razer site..

And of course more on the new MAC Pro 2014 can be found at Apple

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Been out for quite a while, and the news were already posted in this forum when it was fresh :wink: