Razorbliss #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Day 1, decided to go with a portrait from imagination, good luck to all :slight_smile:


Some digital penciling, Necromancer Priestess - Work in progress


These are looking great. I like the gloom/slightly horror feel these have so far.


Thanks, hope I finish that priestess
Here’s the whole sketch, eventually will make it like a wallpaper


Went with something traditional today


I like the design of these. They have a very nice dark fantasy feel.


Thanks! Glad to know they’re likeable, I’ve been thinking on focusing primarily on dark fantasy tbh
Also here’s something for today, live drawings


When not sure what to draw, draw an eye :smiley:


Decided to work on one drawing in progress today


very good sketches!


some drake head concepts

Thanks! Much appreciated!


The creepy spider eye and demon(?) girl drinking something are my fav. The eye reminds me of a selfportrait I did where I had a spider coming out of my face haha, my teacher was like BUT WHY.

Definitely keep going I am enjoying everything you’ve posted so far :slight_smile:


Cheers, posts like that inspire me to work harder :3
Here’s for today…Oni


Orc vs human


The oni demon is super neat! Also love the orc vs human. Who will win? Or maybe they’ll become friends? haha.


That must be the cutest orc ever tho, side effect of drawing too many girls, my guys are cute :smiley:

Scratchiest drawing ever, from my android tablet, that’ll do


some daggers and feathers because why not


I really like your use of shapes in the female demon thing but she looks a bit long.
The daggers are cool and I love that you border them with feathers.


ahh those weapons are so neat!!
Are you going to flesh out the demon woman? I’d love to see where that goes :slight_smile:


@justcallmeinsane I hope I get to that as I like how she turned out
@csbutt yeah she’s a bit long, and her proportions look off, will work on it if I end up redrawing her

a pencil helm for today