raytrace shadow in GI and FG problem


good day guys

please refer to my 3 renders for a clear idea regarding my problem.

1)mr with GI and FG
2)mr without with GI and FG
3)mr with GI and FG (plane with shadow map removed)

i use a plane with (color-shadow map,transperency-inverted from color)_i checked the raytrace shadow in the spotlight_increased the raytracing option in mR render globals

i can’t seem to render the shadows with GI and FG turned on_it only renders when i turned off both options in the render globals…

really appreciate any solutions or suggestions to this problem...

i thank you in advance…


here’s the scene overview


have you try to put a mib_shadow_transparancy in the shadow slot of the mental ray atributes in your material shadingroup node?

you can map there your texture too…


hi romeu

i tried what u suggested_putting for shadow shader in the material SG_the render result is similar that of (3) [pls refer top]…i also tried mapping the color/transperency of mib_shadow_transperency_unfortunately rendered like (3) too…

i’m actually new with maya_i hv a question_is there a [projection map] like 3dsmax in maya lights?


Have you tried turning on the ‘Direct Illumination Shadow Effects’ option in the global illumination part of your render globals?


you could map the color of the light, you would get this kind of results…


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