RayFire Tool


Simply put… wonderful! Well thought out, nice interface. Rollouts:thumbsup:

still wonder when this thread is getting the attention it deserves…
agreed, put it up on Scriptspot.

BTW Vadim check THIS out, Mark Lorenz built this, works really well, you may have seen it, if not, give it a look:) it only fractures geometrically but pretty cool none-the-less.


[color=white]I just don’t get it ! Can someone please post the[/color]
[color=white] " Rayfire for IDIOTS " operation manual ! [/color]
Looks like a fun tool to try



for RayExposion there is a tutorial video already. maybe there will be a RayFire tutorial in the future soon. Maybe just wait for the v. 0.12 to come out :wink:




Man, this is crazy! Can’t believe my eyes!!! What a wonderful tool! Thanks!!!


to muzbee3d: Video tutorial for RayFire nice idea, I will create one soon.:thumbsup:

to JohnnyRandom: actually I decide change rollout to floater after I tried Your script for FumeFx, it thanks to you.:slight_smile:

In tutorial for RayXplosion I was not show how quickly you can change physical parameters,
mass, friction, elasticity and get different results.


Yes… a massive timesaver.

I would love to see RayExplosion pieces give “shrapnel damage” to objects.
Example: explosion pieces that break away part of a building/punch holes in it.

These tools should be a part of Max 9 Reactor toolbar, maybe as a “subscription” release before Max 10 comes out.

THX. great work, great tools!


ProBooleans and ProCutter wasn’t released for non-subscribers until Max9. Even with the Max8 extension there was no script support for ProCutter but ProBooleans did have full script support. :eek:


yes, that´s why the user should have max9 to get RayFire working out right. In former versions of RayFire ProBooleans and ProCutter weren´t implemented so it works still with max 6-8 i think…

OR i got your post wrong :smiley:



RayXplosion working great…

[b]EDIT: My bad it was another script I was using to fragment the target object that caused the issue.



Hi, today I want to share for You new RayFire update.
In this update I add support for deformable objects, You cannot create displaces or holes on it, but you can create lights, debris, smoke, decals, bullets and Custom object.
Custom object is another new feature, maybe the coolest feature in RayFire.
Now instead using lights, debris, smoke or decals defined by me, You can create Your own object, it can be whatever You want, any lights, particle system, geometry objects, etc.
Also you can animate custom object`s position, rotation, scale and any properties and RayFire automatically synchronize this animation with impact frame.
This update gives you much more freedom then any previous.
Also at one pass you can create multiple custom objects.


and thanks to PsychoSilence here mirror

I try to create video tutorial at weekend, where I will show how to use all RayFire feature.


Excellent work as always.:applause: I’m going to add a little constructive criticisim if I may. I realize you’re probably tired of looking at the same script for so long and want to move on, but you may want to look into the .visible property for UI items. There’s just so much info on a single rollout that it’s a bit intimidating. GUI design isn’t the most fun aspect of programming but creating a productive workflow is an art that deserves attention. :wip: Especially when you’ve done such a great job on everything else.

Rock on mir-vadim:buttrock:
Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Thanks for the great tool. :cool:


[color=white]Hello, here new RayFire Tool v.0.13 update.
to supremepizza: thanks for constructive criticism, in this update I work a little on GUI design and make it more friendly and organized.
Also I add one new very useful feature. Now instead using gun to define impact points You can define them by hand. That’s how it works:

  1. Define only one impact object
  2. Choose any effects you like, lights, debris, smoke, decals or custom object.
  3. Push Instant Action button and just pick any point on defined impact object. RayFire will create defined effects at this point and automatically animate all effects (and move all animation for custom object) at slider-time frame. You can use this feature to simulate shotgun shoot, just pick several points at the same time. This feature don`t work with deformable objects, and you cannot use displace feature (yet), but it works with all proboolean features and with Reactor Hit feature. Looks very funny, you pick point on impact object and RayFire automatically hit object from view-port direction.


Mir-vadim, will this work with rag dolls? :smiley: I fel violent :slight_smile: Will try it!


mir-vadim: THIS IS SO AWESOME!
[size=2]i just can’t believe how good this is, please keep working on this amazing tools
can’t wait for new releases… and the rayfire tutorial

i’m currently lovin rayxplosion and im playing alot with it


Hi all, today I finally decided to create tutorial for new RayFire v.0.14
In this version I fixed a lots of bugs, make it more stable, much more stable.
Now RayFire works properly when you Load max files or delete objects from simulation.
Copy RayFireTool.ms in 3DSMAX\Scripts folder and RayFireTool_Startup.ms in 3DSMAX\Srcipts\Sturtup folder. Only in this case it will work properly.

Here all tutorials in one rar
http://rapidshare.com/files/24655983/RayFireTutorial.rar.html - 52MB
or by one
http://rapidshare.com/files/24638818/RayFire_01_ReactorHit.avi.html - 6MB
http://rapidshare.com/files/24639294/RayFire_02_Displace.avi.html - 3MB
http://rapidshare.com/files/24639844/RayFire_03_Holes.avi.html - 5MB
http://rapidshare.com/files/24640625/RayFire_04_Lights_Debris.avi.html - 6MB
http://rapidshare.com/files/24641252/RayFire_05_Smoke_Decals_Bullets.avi.html - 5MB
http://rapidshare.com/files/24642726/RayFire_06_Custom.avi.html - 15MB
http://rapidshare.com/files/24643522/RayFire_06_01_Deformable.avi.html - 3MB
http://rapidshare.com/files/24647323/RayFire_07_InstantAction_01.avi.html - 9MB
http://rapidshare.com/files/24649589/RayFire_08_InstantAction_02.avi.html - 5MB This one really cool

I Hope they will help you.


mir-vadim, your awsome !


woohoohoo!!! great!!
haven’t seen any of the tutorials yet but i’m downloading them right now…
it’s so cool you keep making this better…
i’ve told all my friends about your tool and they love it!


Extremely cool! Will play with it ASAP! Thanks man!


you´re my man! again congratulations to such an impressive tool.

kind regards and happy easter!



love the tuts…!