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Thanks guys.
I have already finished Displace support for animated multiple targets and now work on reactor support for them. First test looks cool, you can animate impact objects and they will fall down only after first hit. I think I share new update tomorrow.
to iceman32: Yes, they created in max 9, without any plugins.


Wow, maybe a new build later today, that was fast work man, great.

Thanks, it’s working better in max 9 :stuck_out_tongue:



same here! tested it with max 8 as well but some new features like the holes an stuff don´t seem to work anymore. another reason not to uninstall max9 :smiley:

kind regards



Hello, here promised update.

Now RayFire works fine with Displaces and can hit animated objects.

Just look video.


I test reactor and displace features on max 8 and it works.

All holes absolutely max 9 features because they use ProBoolean.

I delete old holes feature for max 8 also because they were awful.


WOW! That´s what i call an update frequency :slight_smile:

The video is so promising! great job on that one. damn i just wanted to find some sleep but i guess i have to delay this :smiley:

Right now i got some kinda frontpage feeling for this tool. dunno if i´m wrong but this deserves a little more attention imo :wink:

kind regards


EDIT: Coulnd´t stand myself :smiley:



just came across this from another thread…totally front page material! this is amazing! gonna play with it all night probably!!

quick question:
would it work with max 8 if you have pro boolean?


I don’t know if this is already planned, but would it be possible to have rays fire out in all directions, so it’s more like an explosion going off, with shrapnel causing the holes?


  • Steve


Thanks, PsychoSilence.
to prox-emics: Sorry, but I dont know because I have not ProBoolean as plugin for Max 8 to Steve Green: Its nice idea Steve, it is not too hard and I will think how add this feature in next RayFire update. Thanks.


I still haven’t gotten the opportunity to test the full functionality since i’m still using max 8, but as far as I can see right now, all it booles out of the target is simple spheres. How about a bit more control over the holes, such as custom meshes, or noise on the spheres, perhaps?


Actually You already can do it, push [color=#fffffe]“Pick Cutoff/Hit” button and pick any closed object, also you can add noise modifier on it and animate noise phase to get more difference holes. And don`t forget about material.



cool…i will try and run some tests on it tonight when i get home form work, and post what i find…very awesome work man, very awesome.


Do you have any new updates # mir-vadim?
maybe some updates on RayXplosion ?

looking forward to try out your new stuff… :wink:



Hi, yes I have new update for RayFire. I didn`t add any new features in this RayFire update, just fix bugs. Also I finish RayXplosion, I change it a little and add one cool feature.
Now it contains two rollouts: one can cut object, second rollout just helps with Reactor. The main feature in this rollout that it can blow objects using Reactor.
I think not only I have problem trying to blow some objects using reactor, that is why I wrotte this simple but cool feature, now You can easily explode a lot of objects, just pick object which will represent bomb, set explosion strenght and that is all. It realy very fast and very easy. I try to share RayFire and RayXplosion today with small video tutorial for RayXplosion.


Cool !
looking forward to try out your new stuff :smiley:



Me to, really looking forward to it :wink:


I think he was taking a well deserved rest:)


I can only imagine!..
Damn… mir-vadim has been throwing out updates as a squirrel on speed



Hi, actually all last week I was finishing my work project, And I completely haven`t free time.
But as You ask new update, here it is.
RayFire v.0.11 and RayXplosion v.0.01
Fracture rollout in RayXplosion is not finished yet, but you already can try it on simple, closed, pretty subdivided mesh. This part need a lot of work for now.
But reactor rollout works great, we already use it in our new project.
Here video tutorial for RayXplosion, it shows how to use coolest feature in it. 7Mb.


That´s Great!!!

i will try and report on that later today :slight_smile:

Already watched the sample movie! everything looks veeery promising here. the negative strength effect is cool…instant “black hole” :smiley:

i can only hardly imagine how much time this will save in production…

still wonder when this thread is getting the attention it deserves…

kind regards



Cool tool mr !!

This will come in very handy indeed !! Thanks for sharing.

Thumbs up !!