RayFire Tool


Vadim your way outpacing me:D I haven’t had enough time to play with the last update. Good greif I am going to have to give up sleep…

RayExplosion dude nice work, that is a handy tool:thumbsup:

EDIT: Just tried it on a simple scene, works like a charm, hope to get some more free time to try a something a little more complex .


to Steve Green: Yes of course it use Reactor and Fracture, I think for now it is only way to create realistic physics in Max
Who told you about anti-gravity engine, it is a secret information.:slight_smile:
to JohnnyRandom: Ok, ok I will work slower.


Amazing work!

It would be great if could develop a tool like this for braking glass windows, simillar to blast code for maya.
Here is a example:

Keep up the fantastic work!:thumbsup:


Your a machine!
RayXplosion seems to be sweet! :smiley:
I havent tested the new raytools… but ill be all over it in a few moments
its a damn fine tool… it really is

BTW: as # Fabio da Costa sayd… it would be extremly awsome if it would be possible to produce a “Blastcode” like tool…
i know about a lot of 3D max users that have asked the “blastcode” makers about a port to 3D max… but they say that there are just to few people that have asked… (i have also tried)

But keep up the GREAT work




WOW, Really cool script man!
Are you still building it with more features?



Yes, but first I decide to release my new script RayXplosion v0.1 and after I will add some features to RayFire. Maybe combine them a little bit. I think I release RayXplosion in next two days.


Great, this really the coolest script and solves my problem of
thinking about how to animate a Dig_Tools session from

I talked to the Blastcode people and they plan a max release
for years now, but thanks god RapidFire is here :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, Rob


Great that you still working on it, very nice :smiley:

Are Blastcode going to be released for max? I Thought it didn’t…




I’ve used fracture in the past, but I’ve found it a bit tricky to get consistent results out of it.

  • Steve


[b][b][font=Times New Roman][font=Times New Roman]Hi, yesterday I finally decide to learn how functions work, and after I understand how stupid I was all this time. Thanks to functions Finally I get ability to add multiple target support and one completely crazy feature.

Now RayFire can really impact to target object, now on every shoot target object move away, it looks so cool.

Here video: 270k. All scene solving takes 1 minute.




Wow! - so I guess from that last video, it’s not a huge step to trigger a ragdoll simulation?

  • Steve


Haha… again WOW, are you using reactor or is the impact movement purely scripted?


Nice job. You’re a scripting machine! I can’t even catch up at this point. :slight_smile:


James, I wish you would keep working on your script, I like that fact that it uses pflow, much easier to manipulate your particle behaviour.


So cool… Keep up the good work man and let us all use it. This is a really great script!!!


Well he was kind enough to post it as a .ms so do as I did and tear into it. This is a really fun script to play around with.


Hi all, finally I finished new RayFire version and here it is. There are also 2 sample scene where you can quickly test new feature.

to Johnny: Yes, it use Reactor as RayXplosion
to James: Thanks James, maybe You right, because all this scripting is not hard for me. I just think and write whatever I need, but also I spend a lot of time to achieve such results. At this time I really need some max script practice and that is why I spend so much time for it. Soon I will finish my work project and finally start create my reel. Hope to see new update for Winchester Fx. I want to use it too in my reel because, as Hohnny said, it uses PFlow.:thumbsup:


Merely stating words of encouragement, I think James has a great script in the works. I have been playing with both of these scripts since they started working on them. Yes, it would be a really fun script to play around with if I was better a writing script (and I am not) maxscript and I are acquaintances not the best of friends:D I’m sure you could do some fine work with it…can’t wait to see it:)

Nice work yet again:thumbsup:, looking forward to seeing your reel…thanks for the fun…


Your script rocks big time
and the newest additions just blow this thing away :smiley:
its simply awsome :smiley: :smiley:

Ill obviosly use it in some animations im gonna make :wink:

Thanks for that cool script




Thanks for this great update man, really cool new features. Keep it up man, love it.
One thing I wonder is the files you provided in the last build, I can´t open them in max 8 or do I have to use max 9?
It complains about missing dlu files… Do you use any plugins that I don’t have?