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And as I promissed, here are the script.
How to use new feature: choose Pro(Max9) checkbox and optionally lights, debris, smoke or bullets. Create gun and pick it, next pick target( object which you want to destroy),
In holes option choose object(which will cut target object) with material which will be inside destructed object. move gun dummy to target, optionally create animation. Push create button, Thats all. Dont forget save scene because I didnt add ability to delete new object yet, and if you reload your scene don`t forget pick all objects again.


That’s very, very nice.

I’d love to see one of these implement support for cloth - I guess using PBomb as a trigger for bullet impacts?

Of course, then you’d want to be able to completely tear cloth, which Cloth doesn’t support at the mo (at least not directly)

  • Steve


Sorry, but I dont uderstand you, RayFire doesnt use any cloth and PBomb, it use Proboolean for holes and PArrays for debris and dust.


He’s saying that in future it would be nice to see rayfire be able to shoot through cloth. So you can have bullet holes in clothing etc.

I’m not sure what you’re meaning with the particle bomb though Steve? Sounds interesting though!



yeah, I meant it would be great if it could do that in future (say you wanted to simulate a flag being shot), Pbomb was an idea as to how it might work if there was a ‘shoot cloth’ option within it.

In fact, cloth can give some pretty good results for simulating metal getting torn (like a shell hitting the side of a vehicle). I used edit poly/split edges on areas that I wanted the hole to be, simulated cloth on that area and used point cache to slow down/halt the simulation so it became rigid after the initial explosion.


  • Steve


Hi Matt,

the pbomb thing is just that cloth can use spacewarps (wind etc.) and pbomb gives a nice punchy impact on the cloth, like something hitting it.

You could probably do the same with a quick burst of wind or displace ramped up and down though.

  • Steve


Hi Steve, thanks for remind me about PBomb, I completely forgot about this wonderful Spacewarp, try to use it in next update. I will think about cloth later, now I want to fix some bugs in this version.


Heh, yeah I wasn’t trying to push you into doing it - what you have is pretty amazing now.

Fixing bugs is always good :slight_smile:




Steve - Ahh i see, cool idea about the cloth “dents”. Not familiar with point cache though. Is this something specific to the cloth system?
By the way, whats happened to your website? I think your work is superb.

Vadim - Your script is looking amazing. Particularly love the holes-on-holes part. Not 100% sure, but in the video, as the camera pans round, it looks like you can see through some of the polys on the inside of the bullet holes to the back-facing ones on the outside of the mesh. Is this right?
Also, how do you plan to use the pbomb?

Keep up the fantastic work! :thumbsup:



pointcache is a modifier used generally to speed up deformations (so it’s not limited to cloth). Basically you store the mesh animation in a cache file so it’s just a dumb animated mesh - one advantage to this is you can control the playback of the animation and even stop it very easily.

I’m not sure what you mean about the website - I’ve never had one that I recall, I just stick my reel up on my webspace.

If it’s that, I was uploading a new reel this morning because Virgin have rebranded Telewest/NTL and have increased the space available, so I did a new HD-res one with a better bitrate.




I gotta say… This tool works straigt “out of the box” and perfectly awsomely as well…
your video clip is insanly nice and so is the script itself :smiley:

i tried this when you released your first version… and i didnt get it working to well
But this last version works wonders, and its AWSOME to be able to blow holes and so fourth on the model with such a “visual” method :smiley:

Fantastic work … … . . Keep it coming :wink:



to Matt^: I just now check mesh and did not found any bugs which you wrote, if you want I can send scene for you. PBomb can be used as cheap and fast way to simulate debris for far background. I try to use PBomb and if they will works good I add them in next version.

to bardur: In previous version it was not work because in previous version holes created with standard max boolean operation. In this version I use Proboolean, and want to say that Proboolean is amazing tool, after you create all holes, you can go to Proboolean subobject level 1, pick any created opearands and move them a little bit for correction ( it can helps if target object have some geometry in the air after shooting ).


great update on that one! we just switched to max 9 so the update is coming handy :slight_smile:




Hi All. Today I decide to evolve RayFire a little bit and here is another good update.
In this update I add ability to choose what kind of Pro Holes create.
Real time: create one Proboolean object with animated operands. It is too slow in viewport, but useful if you render your scene with Vray Dirt map or Mental Ray Ambient Occlusion map and if you want to use target object as deflector for debris.
Predefined: It creates one fully destructed object with animated objects which fill holes in destructed object. This method much, much faster in viewport. Optionally you can turn off animation if you want to get just fragmented target object, later you can use fragments with Particle Flow or Reactor for example.
Now you can delete all created objects. When you push Create button RayFire create copy of target object, hide original object and do all operation with copy. When you push delete button RayFire delete created objects and unhide original.
Also now every time when you push Create button RayFire hold max file. I add this feature because Boolean operation is not perfect yet. Now even if Max crashed you can easily fetch scene.
Tip: add noise modifier to Cutoff object and animate it to get different holes.



When i use Max 9 Holes (version 0.4) i get a “Unable to convert: Undefined to type: Point 3”
error in the Maxscript
And in Version 0.5 of raytool i get the same error when using “Pro (Max 9) RealTime”
but i do NOT get this error when using “Pro (Max 9) Predefined”

When i get that error… i dont get any particles/debris

How can i NOT get that error? or is that a bug somehow?
I want to be able to have debris when using the “realtime” option on… because i get a much better visual view of how its gonna look…

could you take a look at it…
or tell me how exactly you set up a simple scene… like the one you had in that video you showed

Superb tool though… i love it :smiley:



Thanks for reply bardur. You found one serious bug and I fix it already.
Reply me if you will have the same or other problems.


Thank you bardur for pointing that out! great to have such a frequenz update!




It seem to work perfectly now :smiley:
but i do get the “cant bind to spacewarp error” but thats just a limitation of 3D max’s Maxscript right?
and thats no problem to fix afterwards :wink:

but yeah… as i sayd! it works perfectly now :smiley:



Hi All, Here Another RayFire Update. I fix a lot of bugs and add layer support for each created object set.
Also I want to show my new script`s first results, I call it RayXplosion Tool (guess why).:slight_smile:
Here first test renders. In this video You can see what it can do with simple box after 20 seconds. 300 K


Blimey, by next week you’ll have invented an anti-gravity engine!

Great work - is that using reactor/fracture at all or is it using it’s own thing?