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Nice job mir-vadim:) some more fun:P

Ya know what would be nice for both tools? A scene cleaner, something that removes all the elements added by the script. I don’t know how big a pain in the butt it would be but it should would be handy.

Is it possible to instance the parray’s?


Thanks guys, its good idea to work with James, but Im not so experienced scripter as he.
Just go to his site and check script section, there are tons of scripts, for all life situations.
My script much more simple then Winchester FX, I even did not use any functions.
And also its eat so much time. I want to start create reel after two weeks, and right now prepare myself, learning FumeFX, AfterBurn, PFlow, PFtrack, Fusion… That’s why I wrote RayFire, and now it satisfy my requirements. If you find some bugs I will try to fix it, but for now I will stop add any other features.
to JohnnyRandom: yes it is possible, I will try to fix this when I have free time.


you sell yourself underprice :slight_smile: it´s a great tool! james is a great scripter but that changes nothing to the fact that you did hell of a good job :slight_smile: just wanted you to know that. evolve that tool.

kind regards



I agree :slight_smile:


Vadim, I was wondering if you did any other programming before you started scripting in Max. Your code is very well organized, not like mine which is pretty sloppy. :slight_smile:


Thanks, for your support, PsychoSilence. But I just want to explain, why I Cant evolve RayFire right now and in near future, later of course I will evolve RayFire further. Planning to do it more destructively, first bullet cutoff one peace of mesh, second cutoff peace behind first peace, and each peace destruct on other smaller peaces and falling down. to James: No, I absolutely dont now anything about programming and scripting three month ago, well now its four already. But writing script so absorbing work, I just can`t stop myself when I starting write it.


Hi All, here are small update, specially for JohnnyRandom. Today I add Delete button, and now I just dont understand why I didnt do it earlier, it is so comfortably. Pay attention that button works only after you create something. For example, you create lights and smoke, if you want to delete lights, you turn off smoke checkbox and push Delete and delete only lights, tune light parameters and create only lights again, after that you can not delete smoke. I Will try to fix this later, but even now its much more comfortably.



great update! such a useful addition!!!

if you just started scripting hang in there. you got talent and skills :slight_smile:

you told us about creating a reel. unbelievably keen on what you suprise us with :wink:

kind regards



very nice :smiley: thanks, it is a great help to be able to remove and redo objects/settings.

Cheers! :beer:


Hi, All. Here are another small update, which makes workflow more comfortably. Now RayFire can save and load settings, push Save button and it create rayFireSettings.ini file on C:/ (fix this later) with all spinner`s values. Change some parameters, push Load Button and it restore all parameters back.


too many users download it right now…that´s what rapidshare tells me :frowning: if you like i can host it for you, drop me a PM if you like.

great update tho! i´ll check it definetly out later on when i´m able to download it :wink:

kind regards



Double post. Problem with server.


Thanks for help, but looks like now its work.
Sorry for my mistake but before use script rename it from
“RayFire Tool v.03” to “RayFire Tool v03.ms”. My bad.


Hey, Mir!

Very impressive stuff, specially for only been using maxscript for three or four months!
Keep the good work, I will be around checking for any new videos :slight_smile:


no prob! :slight_smile:

always glad to help out.

kind regards



Save/Load settings good idea:thumbsup:

Would it be possible to pick a gun that is already been made instead of create a new one every time you run the script?


Gun Shoot from plane`s 5th vertex. You can create your own plane if you want, but it must have more then 4 vertex.


Hi All, three days ago I finally decided to realize my idea with holes (holes in holes in holes…)
and I just do not believe my eyes what can do RayFire now. Total destruction come to Max, now you can completely destroy object peace by peace, you can create holes as deep as you want.
There are no predefined holes and new fill objects, as in previous version of RayFire.
All holes appears on fly, you can move timeslider back and forward and see how holes appears and disappears. Target object get additional geometry on fly. Also you can define what material will be in holes and use target object as deflector for debris to get really cool effect ( some debris stay in holes, then falling down in new holes …), in video I use only ground as deflector.
New feature works only on Max 9, and if you shoot more then 30 bullets can really slow down your system, only way to work is to hide target object, but it is not a problem. In my video I used 91 shoots.
Scene rendered with Vray, Gi Engine: Irradiance map, Mode: Incremental Add to current map, preset: medium animation, and as you can see there are no any flickering.
Dust rendered with AfterBurn on second pass.
Fire created with FumeFX
Strongly recommend to download video below.
Tomorrow I will share new RayFire update for public.



Holy S**T that was cool! :smiley: Nice work!


That… is sooooo cool.