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can you try 1.61?


Hi, can you send me file 3dsmax_minidump.dmp?
You can find it in
C:\Users(UserName)\AppData\Local\Temp\ folder.


Thanks for help guys -
- there is no 3dsmax_minidump.dmp created in that folder after 3ds max crashes :smiley:
- But this crash happen if the RF Bomb’s Range gizmo is ON, and works when OFF

         - get RF 1.61 -- great new Cache feature :thumbsup:,  and do see same crash

    [i]- update [/i]; tried testing it again after updating my Nvidia drivers; same problem, but at least if the Range display is off, it works


Hi Mir,

your recent demo of Rayfire - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_2qKQpxCRw
shows very cool stuff, I am intrested to know how you did the GI calculation for it, was it only AO or IR/LC precalculated or per frame or Brute Force approach. it will be great if you can share.

I have thread here mainly discussing the vray GI in animations


Would it be possible to use Rayfire to create similar effect. What would be the best way to simplify the animation process of such effect?


that should be easy to do even without rayfire.

u could use rayfire to cut up the words./logo, then create some dummys, select some random sections and link it to a dummy and rotate it one way with a scale.
then select another lot of random sections and link it to another dummy and rotate it in a different way with a scale.

thats one way to do it


Is there anyway to cut the object with my own shape with rayfire? Basically to create fragments as I designed them?


you could easily but your object apart using a custom shape without rayfire.

using boolean, proboolean, or procutter.
I did this when i took a logo and split it into a few hundred blocks.


Hey guys :slight_smile:

I got a scene I’m working on where a Pyramid busts through the ground and stuff. I have the ground all fractured and ready to sim but at around 30% I keep getting a “unknown property composite max vert in MassFX Body:MassFX Rigid Body” error. What am I doin wrong here?

I’m using Max 2012 and Rayfire version 1.57

Thanks :slight_smile:


[b]Hi guys…I have a question regarding the depth levels…in rayfire…

there are two places that we can set the depth levels for an object one is in the custom rollout and the other is in the demolition properties rollout…even if we specify 2 depth levels in the custom properties but the main one is set to 1 the object is fragmented only once…so is it like the master controller for depth levels…can anybody confirm…???

and also how is the number of frags determined by the depth levels in the demolition properties rollout…we can specify our own in the custom properties…but then again if the demolition properties rollout’s one is superseding the custom prop one…how does is work…??
in rayfire 1.55 the custom properties overrode the main ui one…


You forgot to turn On Custom properties, there is a Big button on top of the rollout.

Clustering groups fragment together, for fragmentation it attaches several fragments into one complex object.
For glue it glue these fragments together.


Thank You it works :slight_smile:


I am getting the following error in RF 1.61.01
–No “>=” function for undefined
Max 2012 64 bit
All updates installed.
Windows 7 Ultimate
Dell T-7500, 12 cores, 60 GB of RAM

I see this error in the FAQ and it says to make sure you are using the latest build (just installed today)
Thanks in advance for any assistance
EDIT: My system indicates PhysX 2.8.3 for 3ds Max should be installed (at least that folder is present on my system.
Is there a newer version I need to download?


1.61.01 works fine in 2013 but not in 2012…
Any thoughts?


Looks like you don’t have PhysX plugin for 3ds max installed. Ot you have very old one.
Try this one:


HOW CAN I MAKE rayfire to use all of my core for simulation??? I have been waiting for 20 minutes to start the simulation and my other 7 cores are resting!!! ITS not 1993… wtf is this??

How can I make it to happen??? :banghead: :banghead:


have u tried checking ‘multithreaded’
in the physX engine settings found in the physX toolbar


I try it thanks… however its over:D


I’m having a very big problem in Rayfire about the preview. Here are the details:

I’m making a breaking glass, but sometimes after stopping the preview, some parts are frozen like in the last frame of the preview and obviously doesn’t come back as the rest of the fragments to the initial state.

Any ideas?


Hi all

I have a tower that is now completed broken, both with cebas volumenbreaker and RayFire, I have all the objects for collide in Dynamic Objects and an animated object that goes from side to side in Kinematic Object. When the object makes contact with fragments, everything explodes, I’ve tried both turn up and turn down tollerance Collition parameters as Revive dead by velocity and nothing solves the problem. I want the tower is broken to the extent that the animated object moves from left to right and can not find the way to achieve it.

Scene Datas:

3dsmax 2012 sp2
Rayfire 1.61.02
Last Phyx fron Rayfire Site
Everithing EditPoly with Reset Xform Collapsed
Everything is to scaleWindows 7

This are two snapshot from the problem:

Is this same problem http://youtu.be/TTtt-PD5S44 but I follow mir instructions and nothing, same problem very frustrating !!

Please Help