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Hi Patan,
have you checked this tutorial on hollow fragmentation?:


Pflow support in RayFire


Sweet feature Thank You Mir


Double Post.


RayFire 1.58.04 build is released.

New Build is available in Demo versions on website, in Customer areas and via About\Update menu if you have 1.58 already installed.


Particle Flow support. Allows to convert particles to objects and simulate them after their death.

RayFire Shooting is back. Fully functional Shooting tool is completely FREE to use and is available in Demo installers.

Support for PhysX plugin 2.86

Support for using Concave simulation meshes for Dynamic and Sleeping objects.

Modified Material Preset list. IMPORTANT: Now there are 5 less materials in Preset list. If you already have scene with set up, make sure you have the same materials after update. Now you need only to pick Material, if you need to edit it’s density, friction or bounciness you can do this in new Material Presets rollout. In next build it will be possible to add new Materials in preset. Also there is new Solidity property for materials which allows tomake objects harder or easier to break during Interactive Demolition.

Home Grid as Ground property moved in Simulation Properties List.


Hello everybody,
i play with the demoversion and whenever I fracture an object with a rounded/organic shape the normals on the edges of each fragment are always broken. so the problem is to render it without artefacts in the phongshading in that case.
is there a workaround to fix this?
thanks in advance!


THere is Animate Impact\fragments visibility checkbox in advanced properties.
When it is On, RayFire keep original obect and animate visibility for it and for fragments, so you can render solid objects until some time and then change it to fragments. maybe this can help you.


thank you vadim. i forgot to say that i want to export the fragmented objects via fbx to cinema4d. i really like the different fragmentation-modes in rayfire and there is no function in cinema4d or plugin which can do the same.


Outstanding, Thank you Vadim Mir :thumbsup:


Hi all,

Just wondering does anyone have any problems when using the Glue feature in the latest build? I’m just doing a really basic test of a box hitting a group of boxed and the glue doesn’t seem to be working, everything breaks apart upon impact. Anyone have any tips/pointers on how to get it working?

Cheers guys,



This is incredible…doesn’t seem to work with sleeping objects, am I missing something?


What you mean? using this feature you can convert particles into dynamic objects.


It worked really well. I was using letters as particles but the wall collapsed too soon so I switched to sleeping objects (dead) and then the dynamic objects stopped being generated. Trying to see what I did wrong.


Hello Everyone! Please help! Maybe my rayfire has broken but no matter how hard I try it explodes my object like hell. I break the object with the fragment tool, then I start the simulation and it explodes, when I send the fragments to sleeping objects and I make an impact when the ball touches the object it explodes, but WHY? The teacup the cube the wall everything explodes… check the video out, somebody help me! :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:



Having problems reloading files when I restart Max. Get these cools sims and then the file will not reload.


Keep getting this error. Newer verdsion of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributible installed cannot proceed with Rayfire installation. What is the cure?


“Newer verdsion of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributible installed” is not an error, it is jsut warning, skip it.
As for scenes which don’t load, try to install PhysX plugin 2.86.00806 build.



Thanks. Not compatible with 3dsMax 2013 sp5 with latest Extension.


Mir… I have RF 1.58.06 installed. Whenever I use Check For Updates it’s saying No updates for now. I also logged into the customer control panel to see if I could get 1.59 there but it only lists 1.58.

I’m looking forward to playing with cracks. (I never thought that sentence would ever come from me… but there it is!) :slight_smile:

  1. PhysX plugin doesn’t need to be installed for Max 2013, RayFire supports massFx.
  2. All major updates have to be donwloaded and installed, minor builds can be updated online.