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Would be great if someone (or group of someones) wrote up a “difinitive guide to getting started with RayFire”. I know Mir has videos and that is very helpful. Sometimes it’s just easier to turn to the page with the info.

I have more than once needed this document :slight_smile:



RayFire 2012 customer show reel! Thanks to everybody who contributed! Amazing results in every shot.


That is just incredible work. I am honored to be associated with individuals that produce this level of excellence and continually raise the bar for the rest of us. Thank you!

Cheers to you Mir! Quite the groundbreaking tool you have created here. :beer:


yeah love this plug…here is what i got out of the latest version, thanks Mir…:thumbsup:http://youtu.be/uRbxMnC8c0o


Old promo video is edited.
Here is new one:


wow, that’s the one best product reel I have seen so far! loved it.



Mir, my friend Rayfire has gone from a script to a CG House top shelf need not a want a need. I recommend this to anyone who even thinks they will dabble in CG special effects.

Thank You



I’m experimenting with all the different options but there’s one thing I can’t get to work. I’ve animated 2 spheres to move through eachother and added both to the Dynamic/Impact Objects. At frame 4 they’re very close to eachother, at frame 5 they’re ‘in’ eachother. I’ve checked Demolish Geometry in the physics tab and the simulation should start at frame 4. They move towards eachother as was animated but at frame 4 the animation stops and they drop down.

What am I doing wrong here? How would you ask RayFire to take the animation and calculate an objects flight path onwards from the simlution frame?

3ds Max 2012 64bit
RayFire 1.57


Rayfire should do this automatically, take the animated speed at the simulation start frame, I know that there was a bug in a previous patch where this had been disabled somehow, like version 1.57.04 or something, so just try to update to a newer build.
If not that, I don’t know.


Ok I’m giving 1.57.10 a try right now but as soon as I open the floater I get the following error:

– No “”>="" function for undefined

Trying to get my hands on the new Physx 2.70 plugin, hope that solves it but I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Installed Physx 2.70.1028.1400 and things seem to work now! :slight_smile:


I was wondering if there is a way to give the inner part of an object a different material than the outer layers. For example, a sphere that is red on the ouside and yellow on the inside with a gradual orange in between, so that when the sphere breaks apart one would be able to see where the core is going and what’s happening to the outer layers. It would create a very interesting effect.


In the fragment tab all the way at the bottom in the advanced fragmentation section, material ID. change it to something else then 0. make it 2 e.g. and the outer faces will have ID1 and the crack edges will have ID2.


I am trying to create something like the image below. I am using proboolean to cut the object out of the ice. I have two problems with the workflow so far.
1: The object is not completely inside the “ice block” I need to be able to select the inside object to make the boolean. :banghead:
2: Because of the boolean I am getting overlapping edges so when I use rayfire it “explodes” I am trying to get the geometry to fall to the ground using activation by force/object. :banghead:
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Would this be the best way to get the hollow area for the object inside?
volumeBreaker: Hollow Mesh


I´m havin trouble with PBomb, when used as an activator for deactivated dynamic bodies the bomb only starts the sim but no explosion. So the bits start to fall but whatever the strength settings are I dont get other than gravity influencing the dynamic bodies. Currently I´m using version 1.55 but have requested the latest version from Mir, maybe the old version is the culprit. 64bit max2012…

Ok. Now with the new version and with the correct physx plugins it´s bombs away!


Is it safe to go to SP2 in Max2012 with RF1.57 and the 1400 Phys-X Release?


Hey guys,

for me it’s impossible to work with that mentioned combination.

I’m using the latest Physx Software and as soon as i start a bigger simulation
( ineractive demolition ) Max starts to hang and i have to kill 3dsmax.
Also very often when i start a sim it takes ages although the sim is quite easy than after
pressing 100 times ESC the sim starts , really strange and of course
my 3dsmax windows are blinking like hell ( on / off - blank - white etc )

I hate that status, is it just me of do i use the wrong version?



BTW guys,

sorry for this “dumb” question, but i have not followed the complete rayfire development over the
last years, but where is the shooting feature?
I remember that the older versions of rayfire got that special feature.



I really want to know


I get this trying to run a simulation of a box falling to the ground. I’m using:
Latest Rayfire
Max 2012 64 bit SP2
Windows 7
PhysX- NVIDIA_PhysX_For_Autodesk_Maya_2012_64bit_2.71.0118.2310

Anybody else getting this?


PhysX- NVIDIA_PhysX_For_Autodesk_Maya ??? :surprised

Looks like SP2 screw PhysX plugin.
I just installed it again on top of SP2 and everything works ok now.