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thanks, I thought that might be the case, I just wondered if there was an alternative way to frag them rather than build them a certain way.




Hey there guys. This tool is really awesome, but I can’t do anything with it! I really don’t know how to work with that, and I Can’t seem to find any good tutorials on the net. What I intend to do, is a simple animation of something exploding, to import to Source Engine (game engine). I tired following the tutorial here, but the tool has changed a lot since that tutorial was made, and I can’t find any of the options the guy says. It seems the tool has got worse, there are a lot of options missing in my tool than in the tutorial’s version, like RayXplode: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/741440

Thanks guys!


Hi, I am just finished with updating Online Help which is available via About menu.
Now it is all up to date.

As for tutorials, now after I finished with online help I am about to rerecord all features usage.
Everything will be available in Online Help as well.


Awesome work Mir Thanks for all your dedication.



What I don’t get is this: On Objects Tab/Simulation Properties you can Add objects, and then change some values, those values will affect all added objects? Isn’t there a way to set different values to each object?


Yes, they affect for all objects, to set custom properties for each object you can use Custom Properties Rollout.


We now have an official RayFire UserGroup at Vimeo :slight_smile: Join and share the love! :slight_smile:



I have 2 doubts guys, they are very newby things, but I’m really new in this thing :blush:

1- When I click to simulate physics, I have an oject animated to hit the fragmented wall, but even before the object hits it, pieces already start falling from it (there a static object under it serving as a base, but little pieces fall from it’s side). How to fix this?

2- When I’m done with the settings I want, and I click the play button, everything happens nicely, but very slowly, and after I exit the window, the settings are not saved. How can I save the animaiton of what just happened to I can render the scene?

Thanks guys!

  1. For the first you want Deactivate Static Dynamic Objects set in the physics tab. That way they start in sleep mode and won’t start to fall until affected by an object in the list there. Check Activate by Geometry. Add your animating object to that list and add it as a kinematic object.

  2. The first button is a preview button (it says this in the tooltip). So it plays in the viewport, but doesn’t bake the result. The second button bakes the animation.


for the first answer that belongs to the first question : i have one qs if i have to use activate by geometry so what dose the sleeping list do ? besides that i have really nasty results buy that way only the hit parts dissociate


the idea here in addition -in my case at least- it works well the first time then second preview it explodes before anything happens


Which version of RayFire, PhysX and 3ds Max you use?


Its 1.56 And Max 2012 For Physx I Dont Know Exactly Coz Its Installed On The Work Machines , I M Not Such Fluent In That May Be I Ll Ask The It Guys Tomorrow , By The Way I Tried That On 3 Machines There This Night .


I have been struggling trying to get up to date with the latest RF.

What versions do I need to be up to date. I think it’s:

RF: 1.57

What do I do if I have 3DS Max DESIGN 2012?


Hey guys just installed max 2012 here at work. Had to have work email Mir for a new installer. Everything installed fine however when doing a sim… anytime fragmentation starts. I get the following error.

Node Name Collision Error.

Cannot have two nodes in the scene with the same name.
Changing selected nodes names to UniqPoshelper001. Press Ok to keep going.

If I hold down enter it will continue on and the sim does what it is suppose to. Just annoying that I have to hold down enter.

Its just a simple test scene with a box falling and landing on a plane.

We are using Rayfire 1.57.08. With the latest physx files.

The same scene loaded into max 2010 with RayFire 1.51 does not have the issue.

I had the max script listener opened to see if it was spewing out any info our tech artist could look into but I got nothing. Do you guys have any ideas? Thanks -Jeremy

Jeremy Kendall

Senior Fx Artist



Hi, feldy, I think you have some inhause script which track all names of newly created objects and let you know if there are nodes with the same name.
UniqPoshelper name is name of a helper which RayFire creates, for now it creates it with the same name, but I can fix it.
Please, email to me and I will send fixed build to you via email, do not plan to release new minor build any time soon.

And here you can find instruction how to install PhysX plugin over 3ds Max design version:


Yep this issue is now fixed. Big Thanks to you sir for being so quick. Cheers!


Hello, I worked with 3DS max 2011 64 bit, I have a Nvidia GTX 550ti, I just setup 3dsmax 2012x64 and I have a problem that troubles me a lot with rayfire 1.57.08.

I have installed in order to fix my problem : PhysX 9.11.1111 and PhysX for Autodesk 3dsmax 2012 64bit (2.70.1028.1400) but I have the same problem.

When a prefragment a wall which is hit by a sphere and pass through : there are no problems. But when I check “Demolish geometry” my wall become indestructible so the sphere does not pass through and I previously on max 2011 and rayfire 1.55 all was ok

Edit : Problem fix after reboot, I don’t know why but good news :slight_smile:


hi i am using 3dsmax 2012 64-bit which already has physx sdk 2.8.4 installed (massfx tools dialog->engine->about massfx). Should i still need to install physx 2.7 to let rayfire work properly coz i am getting error unknown system exception when i click play/simulate button in rayfire?

its ok now, got it to work…ignore the post.


i am using rayfire 1.55… i am using the custom properties rollout to specify my setting(depth level 2)s…but the problem is …my piont cloud is not aligning to my mesh object…i want it to come as it does when i use the fragment modifier-uniform–uniform gives me perfectly aligned point clouds…i know i can pre fragment my object using it…but then i dont know the wrokflow post that…because as if now i just create my objects and on running the sim rayfire automatically generates the fragments for me during the sim …but that does not give me aligned point clouds ,resulting in wastage of a lot of point clouds resulting in fragment count loss…so any ideas how to get uniform type of point clouds with custom rollout
or if some one coulld guide me towards prefragment …but i dont want to change my scene setup