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RayFire users unite! If you recently used rayfire in a production let us know. We are prepping a new user reel! Show the love, get exposure :slight_smile:


I for one would like to input endframe rather than time range in rayfire, since i almost always know the endframe of the shot, and don’t like my framerange to be changed all the time when doing sims.

Nothing big, but it would surely be an überhandy little patch for me.
Or am I the only one that thinks that?


Yes I’d prefer that too. I often end up with a sim that’s 10 frames longer than I expect as it’s starts on frame 10.

It isn’t a big problem for the stuff I do, but it does annoy me when it happens.

I’m more disappointed that I can’t use Rayfire newer than 1.51 in Max 2011. The new ones just crash all the time for me. No response after I supplied an example file either.


New RayFire 1.57.03 is out along with a new PhysX build 2.70.1028.1400. If you have 1.57 installed simply use the “About > Check for Updates” feature. Lots of minor fixes inside of physx. Lot stabler build!


Just added End frame property. will be available in next build in a few days.
And additional 10 frames edition removed too. That was needed for reactor, now default start frame is 0, end frame 100 and rayfire edit animation time range only if it less than simulation range.
Working on stability and small improvements further, sorry, didn’t have much time recently.


A to the WESOME!!


Build 1.57.04 is out. More fixed bugs, more stable simulation.


Great! but I only see 1.55 in the download section


surfing around with the rayfire modifier, i found the irregular mode, witch defines how many “groups” of pointclouds over the object you want, this is a really cool feature, however, when trying to use this in 2011, i just couldn’t find it.
So is this “Irregular mode” something exclusive to 2012, or is it just a “forgot to add it”?
Anyways… Thanks for the rapid updates!


Hi, nice work dude. Im facing an issue but I cant tell that ist particularly your problem. Im using max 2012 (I call it Autodesk 3ds Bug 2012)! I installed rayfire 1.55, 1.56 and 1.57 but every time I faced the same maxscript error. When I press play button in rayfire’s physx tab this happens. What I found out was that when I add objects in rayfire’s object tab and set the simulation geometry type (object properties>physical properties) to sphere and box I dont get any errors and its simulating alright. BUT when I set the simulation geometry to convex or concave the error shows up. Then I realized that this aint a rayfire problem and its max’s MassFX malfunction and even with hotfix 1 hotfix 2 service pack 2 and probably service pack 20 it will not be fixed untill max 2013 MAYBE! (nice job Autodesk!!!). Anyway to prove it all you have to do is create a box and give it a MassFX modifier and set it to static. then create a sphere and again give it a MassFX modifier and set it to dynamic object AND set Mesh Type to CONVEX and play using MassFX’s simulate button. Doesnt work right?
Now set the Mesh Type for the sphere to SHPERE and play it again. Weird right?? it works. So thats it. the MassFX has several mesh types. box, sphere and capsule IS WORKING but convex, composite, original and concave (rayfire based) IS NOT WORKING. Pretty cool right! Well shoot me if Im wrong fellas.


Same here. I’ve been waiting since the announcement of 1.56, but nothing happened so far …



You can find RF 1.57 demo version in rayfire’s official website but if you’re looking for unlimited version its not available yet. However doesnt matter even if its out becouse it will not work properly in max 2012. happy demolishings!


a friendly reminder that we are still looking for your finished projects for a new presentation reel :slight_smile:
Post your work here or mail/PM Mir or me.



you need to install max physx plugin aswell.
that link… ish
you need to create a free account there to be able to download it.


rayfire 1.57 should reside in your download section on the rayfire homepage, (mine was unavailable as well, mir has to fix that per account i guess), and my rayfire works as good as any software does in max 2012.


Everyone who purchased rayfire 1.5 and versions after can get 1.57 for free, If it is not in your acc you need to email me and I will add it. I didn’t add it to all customers after release because there were some problems with compatibility with latest PhysX 2.7
Now they are fixed and plugin works much more stable, so just email me.


Thanks! Email is on the way! :slight_smile:




I’m on the verge of buying a copy of RayFire, but I understand that there is a new version coming that uses the Bullet dynamics engine. I don’t want to buy it now and have to upgrade after a month or so (or whenever)

If I buy RayFire now will the upgrade to the new version be free? When is the new version expected?

  • Garry


Yeah, at least for one year all new updates will be for free.

And I can’t say for sure anything about dates, bullet implemented fro almost 80% but there are some 3ds Max problems which we can not solve without Autodesk help for now.