RayFire Tool


Hi All, Last Five days (and two days for renders by the way) I spent creating RayFire Tool, You will not belive me, but I started learn max script three month ago and this is my third script. I created it by impression of Blurs Impact system tool written by Daniel P Ferreira. Im not only one who decided to create stuff like that, here link to JHaywood thread and his great Winchester FX.
Maybe you remember results from my second script, which called “Fracturer”, it can create holes in thin wall with PFlow support. Forget it, its too slow. I decided to combine Fracturer capabilities with my new RayFire Tool and here what I have got. RayFire can create standard debris, smoke (which automatecaly create afterburn and add particles in it), displacement, decals (plane with texture) and lights, but also now you can create bullets and HOLES. All geometry solving takes about 12 seconds, and thats all. You can render. Smoke and explosions rendered with AfterBurn
Here is Video, dont miss, its really cool.
Maybe effects is not real, but I always try to create more nice looking images.


OMG! … thats just insanly good looking and AWSOME!!

Regards :thumbsup:


That’s very impressive…

  • Steve


Very, very cool! Please keep up the good work.


Sweet, very impressive, hope to see some more:thumbsup:


That’s really awesome, I hope to see more of it.


very cool – great job so far


awsome! if anything is close to blur studios impact system then this is it. I need to get afterburn for max9, congratz!


Nice work man. You pulled the effects off really good. Makes me wish I had more time to spend mine. :sad:


Thanks guys, now I`m finaly happy. I try to fix some bugs for a week, maybe add some features(sparks, multiple target, exact frames for shooting) and share RayFire for public.
to JHaywood: Yes, it takes so much time, this 5 days I write RayFire all free time which I have, even when I come to home from work for a dinner I try to write a little bit. Thanks again.


Wow great tool man. You almost did everything for creating a scene like this specially for effects artists. :thumbsup:


btw when can we see a release?



Great work! Can´t wait for this…


Hi All
Here are the first RayFire public version.
Please post here if you find some bugs.

to JHaywood: If you didn`t download yet version which I sent for you, better try this version.


Very nice, good work. :slight_smile:

One issue I found from my quick test is that the impact points don’t seem to line up with the gun animation. I have the gun animating in a straight line across the target, but some of the impact points are showing up off of that line. I can post a picture if that doesn’t make sense.


Maybe mesh density not enough, but anyway thanks, I will check this today.


thanks for the tool! however, I’m unable to make any afterburn smoke effects (yes, I have afterburn). The displacement works fine, the bullets are nice too. Can you send a screenshots with the settings for afterburn?


Great tool so far! I will check it out when i´m back from work.

maybe james and you go into a huddle to create some uber-tool?!?


yeah, you guys should really talk about it.


That would be cool, but tough to pull off. We’re taking difference approaches, and it would be pretty hard to synch up time-wise. But it’s really interesting to see how two different people tackle the same tool.