RayFire 1.58 for 3ds Max 2009 - 2013 released


RayFire 1.58 plugin for 3ds Max 2009 - 2013 released.

Fragment, destroy, demolish, wreck, break down, wreak havoc, blow up, burst, detonate, explode and do other similar things you have always dreamed of to do in Max…

RayFire Technical Demonstration


RayFire customer showreel 2012


Go to RayFire website.

Feature list:

[li]NVidia PhysX Rigid Body support via RayFire user interface.
[/li][li]NVidia PhysX Force Influence Allows You to affect on objects in simulation by forces, space warps and mouse cursor. Animatable Time Scale property allows You to create Bullet Time effect in a seconds. Glue allows you to glue objects together and break connections between objects during simulation.
[/li][li]Entropy Bullet Rigid Body support via RayFire user interface. (Beta)
[/li][li]Interactive Demolition System. Creates dynamic simulation and demolishes objects accordingly to their material and collision strength. Each fragment can be demolished further with proper amount of collision strength.
[/li][li]Different Fragmentation types. Allows you to fragment geometry objects. RayFire Tool supports Irregular, Uniform, Voronoi, Wood splinters, Radial fragmentation types. Ability to draw cuts over your objects by mouse.
[/li][li]Automatic update system.

New features in version 1.58:
[li]Support for 3ds Max 2013
[/li][li]Support for Nvidia PhysX plugin 2.85
[/li][li]Support for Included Entropy Bullet plugin (Beta)
[li]Clusterizing for All fragments
[/li][li]Tesselation for Voronoi fragments
[/li][li]Dead Objects feature for Sleeping objects with ability to Revive by Velocity
[/li][li]Biped and CAT support for Kinematik objects
[li]Extend mode for UI
[/li][li]Clusterize tool for selected objects
[/li][li]Point Cache tool for selected objects
[/li][li]Remove Inner Faces tool for selected objects
[/li][li]Solidity for Interactive Demolition can be 0

RayFire 1.58 Demo can be downloaded Here

RayFire 1.58 is free for 1.51, 1.55 and 1.57 customers.

Go to RayFire website.



Awesome, the Bullet implementation!
This is a great day!
Thank you!


What are the chances of this being ported to Maya? Autodesk owns Max and probooleans now, and PhysX is now in Maya also, so can this actually be compiled for Maya?


Cool stuff!

(btw, when I login to my account I can only download 1.57 ?)


What mean by compiled ? Rayfire is maxscript based it can’t been recompiled.
Try to search in Mel functions that do boolean operation. Not understand why Maya users crying that they need rayfire when Maya have hell amount of RBD plugins.


Same here.


Edit: Thanks a lot for the very speedy fix! :slight_smile:


The wood fractures look great. Nice work as usual!


Outstanding :thumbsup: !

-and pardon for any bother, the same is true for me “when I login to my account I can only download 1.57 ?”

Thank you!


Yeah, I know its max script based, thats why I mentioned ‘ported’.
. Maya’s rbd solutions don’t even come close to Rayfire. I was going to say more but its a waste of my time.


So for do not waste you time I answer in short on your’s first post: NO


Same with me, only version 1.57 shows up, when I log in to my members area.


Thank you for the outstanding service / speed! Rayfire 1.58 downloaded, installed, and working great :smiley: !


Mir, thank you very much for your fast help, regarding my download of the 1.58 rayfire version!
Love your plugin! Keep up the great work!!!


Same with me, only version 1.57 shows up, when I log into my members area. Yesterday, I sent an email to your admin email address; but, I’m not sure that the address is any good.


Hi Mir,

I sent an email to your admin email as well.
Can’t way to test out the new stuff!

EDIT: Thanks for the costumer service Mir. 1.58 installed and working as intended.


Mods, delete post.


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