RayBan glasses, Cédric Steiger (3D)


Title: RayBan glasses
Name: Cédric Steiger
Country: Switzerland
Software: CINEMA 4D

Rendering for a study project. Modelled in Solidworks, final reder in cinema 4d


bravo! that’s a really nice render. However, have you tried a more dramatic light setup eg bumping the intensity of the lights for a brighter specular?


great product shot…love the blues


Thank you for your kind replies!
I’ll try to improve the light setup…


I’m wondering what renderrer you used, and how did you make that material (for the half-transparent plastic)???

Is it Polygon Modeling (point by point), Cube Modeling (starting with a cube, using HyperNURBS) or something else?


I used cinema 4D’s AR3 without GI. For the plastic material I just used reflections and transparency in combination with a highlight. There was no SSS, only blurryness in the transparency canal.
It is CAD data - not modeled in Cinema.


So, please, from my experience, and now yours - specify the exact information so you won’t be asked like now, 'cause I was crazy about this model… (and render, which now seems to be average)
Have a nice week!


Here are the settings for the material. As I said, the scene is very simple. No GI, added some white planes for the reflections.


And specular:


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