Ray walk cycles


Please i need your opinions on this walk cycle


This looks good for a first pass.

A few areas that could be improved:
-His feet are too far apart.
Some people’s heels rub together when they walk. You can see it on their shoes. Some people’s feet space out wider, but almost never shoulder width unless they are consciously doing it to convey confidence or superiority.
-There are no up-down movement on the hips.
Have a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feCEDYXJBRw
and try to look at some live footage for reference.
When the leg takes the weight of the body, roughly from the contact position and onward, the hip is pushed up on the side of the leg that contacts.
-The arm swing and shoulder rotation seems a bit exaggerated, in relation to the leg movement.

This tutorial covers a lot of the basics of a walk, though you seem to have a lot of this down already:


Thank for your support i ll do update version with all the suggestions