Rate your LW confidence.


I guess that after over seven years with LW I still want it to come good, but I will fully admit to suffering a severe lack of confidence in the last year or two. I just wondered what the general feeling was, especially in light of recent events.

It would probably help to get a real sense of the general feeling if this DIDN’T turn into a “this is better than that” flame war. Only comment if you really need to, otherwise let your voting speak for itself.
I am honestly interested in the result.

BTW - I wont be voting myself.


I voted for ‘Lw8 was just the first small step to a better future.’

I currently do believe that. A lot of time in LW 8 development was lost because most of the key team left to start Luxology. So I think Newtek did their best in the short time with LW8. Now that Newtek have a new team and got LW8 out of the door, then I expect to see much development and innovation. There should be now no reason stopping this from being so.

They are working on future updates so who knows what that may bring. I would like Newtek to give us customers information on there development plans. Not stuff which would give the competition an advantage but enough to give the LW community confidence in LWs future. Some people are moving to other packages because they have no confidence in its future development which I understand. It seems like other packages are making leaps and bounds and LW is standing still, but I guess this has more to do with the big gap between 7.5 and 8 due to problems that now no longer exist.

I think they need to gets those updates out fast. I would prefer frequent smaller updates to solve bug problems that might be giving some people headaches, with larger updates mixed in with the weightier new innovative features and workflow enhancements.


I use it for modeling primarily now.

Most of my current work is done in Cinema 4D because of speed, stability and its parametric nature in modeling and animating (this has really made me more comfortable with experimenting and trying new things because most things are non destructive and easy to set up).

I have seen the future and I’ll tell you…I am glad I have. :love:


I gave up on LW after version 7. I kinda got shaken during the whole 6 debacle, and then really started looking elsewhere. The current LW 8 situation reminded me of the mess that was version 4, where I waiting about a year from buying it, to getting it in my hands. I put that down to just being an unfortunate incidence, but to se it happening again, then again, really puts a damper on things.

I’ve still got my license of LW, but don’t use it. I’m now using the XSI academic edition and will be buying Foundation in a few weeks I think.


Newtek’s upgrade policy has both been a shining torch of excellence for it, but also it’s achilles heel.
If you don’t want to upgrade to the next release of LW you don’t have to, just skip a version or two and then jump back on the upgrade path when you want to for just the price of the current upgrade. Unlike just about every other 3D package out there that severly penalises you for missing an upgrade if you want to upgrade at a later version.

This helps keep the user base happy, but it also means that when NT release a new version they really don’t have a clue how many existing users will upgrade.
I do wonder how many would have upgraed to LW8 straight away if it wasn’t for the admittedly generous additions, DFX+/Stitcher, that were boundled with it. I know I wouldn’t have.

If you can afford to keep it, and assuming this policy doesn’t change, you would be mad to sell your LW licence, even if you were switching to a different application. Who knows what they may pull out of the hat a t a later date ?


I voted for "Uncertain, will begin looking for alternatives"

The reason is because the two core programmers (not to mention many others) of Lightwave left Newtek, and after that incident, the next update looked basically like a bunch of 3rd party plugs roughly glued together. And some people might say that this is the philosophy of lightwave, it’s made out of plugin components, but the thing is that eventually the program starts to look like a frankenstein made out of a million body parts. And thats just not right. Not when the majority of plugs is basicaly workarounds of LW weaknesses and bugs.
And i don’t care why Stuart Ferguson and Allen Hastings left Newtek, i don’t care what their differences are with Newtek, i only care that they are brilliant programmers, and if they decided to work on something new and innovating when Newtek (seems like) wanted to make few extra bucks from a dead corpse, then i’ll certainly won’t be staying a Newtek customer for much longer.

Of course that reality may change. Next update of LW may be a total rewrite. I don’t know, because they don’t tell much. So untill that happens, there are other alternatives out there to try out, with easy transition and small learning curve, it makes switching apps a breeze.


[Flame ON]
Look , I usualy don’t post anything negative …but I’ve had it. What is the purpose of this thread? Yet Another attempt at bashing newtek and lightwave. Hey how about this … lets change this thread to the [I want to bash newtek comment of the week] that way you can keep it all to one thread and you can think of a new bash to add every week. I would like to say this thread is leggit but its not. And those of you who read these threads often know this to be true.[FLAME OFF]

Now that i’ve said my peace I’ve voted
I’m very happy with LW and see a bright future for it.
… but that still did’nt stop me from buying XSI … I look at this this way … am I going to throw away painter because of photoshop. they both serve their purpose … It might not be a good analogy but hey. You get the point


Feels like FUD season.
I’ve enjoyed reading people’s opinions on other packages though. Things just seem so dramatic here at the moment. If Newtek folds up Lightwave, I’ll get another package. Poli’s got me interested in C4D anyway. I don’t see Lightwave folding soon though, so I’m losing no sleep. Probably going to skip these threads…but there’s been so many lately! :slight_smile:


It’s just yog stuck in rinse, repeat mode. I truly doubt the sincerity of his “concern” given his track record.


That’s probably a good idea. I think I am going to do that myself now. I just think some people got upset with the long wait between 7.5 and 8 but Newtek IMHO have done well considering… Ooops, here I go again. Time to shut up with my positive Lightwave vibes. Anyway, I think I have a bright future with LW and XSI. Good tools they are. :thumbsup:



Part of the reason for the poll was I honestly didn’t know what the outcome would be, and already there seem to be a few surprises.

I personally think the best thing Newtek could do at this point is revise their marketing and communication policies. The sign of either needing improving would be uncertainty in the user base, which does seem to be born out by the poll so far.

I also think the poll is actually more biased in Newtek’s favour (didn’t want to be seen to be biased the other way), with an equal number of positives and not so positives. Even then I thought two of the not so positives wouldn’t be likely, i.e. if your not so happy I’m sure you would have found an alternative, and if you had switched you probably wouldn’t be here to see this poll.

BTW – Missed you Chewey, long time no hear.:thumbsup:


“Lw8 was just the first small step to a better future”

But i agree i don’t see the point of the tread if your a 3D artist making you living off 3D
Changing packages is not a big thing, it’s just a tool I 've move from Max to Lightwave afew years ago and I’m learning Maya now, like a painter using Oils one day and water colours the next
who give a F%#k

and if you don’t like LW why did you buy it ??
( it must of had something for you to hand the $$ over )
I’m happy it’s feed my family for afew years now

I’m sure if your looking at other 3D package you havn’t used all the features Lightwave has Now

whatever you say about Newtek with new blood in the building i’m pretty sure they not all sitting around drinking bean juice thinking what there going to do when Lightwave goes down the tube and if they can get a job at Luxology :rolleyes:

eg - pretty sure they want LW to be King again and are workin hard on the next version. :buttrock:

Luxology kicked Newtek in the balls, let them get up.
LW 8 is the first Version they done, and we havn’t seen Luxology first effort yet :shrug: and it’s only a modeler

:twisted: I won’t be posting for afew days my post list is 666 i have to leave it like that for afew days at lest :twisted:


This thread is dangerous:eek:


Very good point. I quit upgrading my license at 5.6 (got tired of half implemented features, half baked ideas, the dependance on clever work arounds). Now if I wanted to, I could upgrade to LW8 for around $500, taking advantage of the development that occured between 5.6 and 8.0, while only paying for the development that happend between 7.0 and 8.0 (only talking about paid upgrades). While this is obviously a good deal for the customer, I seriously wonder if it is the best choice for the health of Newtek as a business. I don’t see other companies policies of charging more for upgrading when you have skipped a few revisions as a penalty, as much as it is having to pay for the development you are benefitting from.


I’ll give this thread a shot but if it gets too personal or users start attacking each other I’ll shut it down. Everybody is entitled to an opinion but be nice.


This isn’t an attack on the author of this thread or specific commentary about this thread in particular, just my feelings about the “concerned about LW, is LW keeping up, is LW as good as…, I just heard Maya/XSI/Max/whatever is going to have X feature in the next release, is it all over for LW?” type of threads in general…

Whenever I see these kinds of threads the question “did the quality of your animations suddenly drop?” automatically pops into my head. I mean, is anyone really pushing the limits of what LW can do? Is there some brillinant, shiney app out there that always has every possible new feature before everyone else and is always perfectly stable and perfectly implemented that I don’t know about? I just have to wonder about all the “am I using the best package” anxiety.

If your work doesn’t suck, what’s the problem? But I’m sure I’m probably being naive again…:sad:


I don’t think there is anything negative about the question being posed. The way it’s being asked makes it a legitimate question especially since the price cuts in big 3D apps looks to continue.

Lower prices mean lower revenus equals less money for R&D, programming new features, testing, and marketing. One could put blinders on and pretend the 3D software landscape isn’t churning but it definately is. With XSI at $500 and a 30 Day downoad, I’d be nuts not to see what that camp is all about.

On that note there are plenty of NT/LW bashers out there who have taken every opportunity to doom and gloom LW for over the years.



not too psyched to see the top 2 choices are considering leaving, and already left! :eek:

I agree about learning/using multiple packages in your toolset, but what If people dont have time/money to do that!?

Everytime these posts get started, the first reaction is to think its bashing NT,
The Defenders need to take an unbiased view of the situation and stop acting like were all some anti NT group.
Many of us complaining have used LW for years, were not loyal to some other package out to bash NT. We just want them to grow as a 3D company!

Prices are droping, LW fell behind, they MAY get back on their feet, but if not, people are moving on…if this keeps up, where will NT be?

I for one will have to move on if the FX are not more robust soon. I really need the power of Maya Fluids. I dont want to learn Maya. :stuck_out_tongue:
So Im willing to give it another 6 months-year to see if the new team can make FX more robust.

Its very frightening to hear that 80% of jobs on the Siggraph floor were asking for Maya experience…this along with the aquisition of Kaydara!

Its just reality guys, its not bashing.


Uncertain, will begin looking for alternatives. is my take for the time being. LW9 is a big unknown and will be for some time.

My mindset is either pick up Maya or XSI (new price structure). I would work either of these two into my production scheme in support like Zbrush is now. I’m sticking with Lightwave for final rendering until I get the animation/lighting/rigging in Maya or XSI tricks down.



I’ll be honest. I was happy with 7.X, but I needed a compositor program and slightly better physics. So I went for the LW 8 upgrade knowing that it was more of a huge patch for 7 than a whole new version. I knew I was buying Newtek more time to work a REAL update while they patched the leavy that broke with the whole lux problem. Worley helped (and is helping) save the butts of NewTek right now- and for that I’m glad I put down 279 for Fprime. If it takes a third party developer with the skills of Worley to make NewTek get up to speed then so be it.

As sad as it sounds I’m waiting for version 9 to decided if I’m going to stick with LW or not. If 9 rolls out like 8 did then I’m going to look else where.