Ratatouille_VS_Shrek Animation Reel


Hello everyone! I’ve made a new test after my Remy’s animation. I tryed to give my best in giving the most energy possible to Donkey from Shrek, during a new acting. The voice is taken from “Nutty professor”… Enjoy!


I’ve made some adjustments on my Remy’s animation too, I hope you will like it!:stuck_out_tongue:


that donkey animation was the best lol lots of good work on that reel…


hi! great job man!


brilliant stuff!
great animation and overall feel!
love it:)


:applause: :applause: :applause: words can`t describe what I felt when I watched this :beer: dude you rock …keep up the good work :bounce:


wow, great work!


Man! Awesome stuff! All of your stuff is amazing. I loved 9 too, so props on that :smiley:


I have to agree there, very smooth animation.


Great animation!


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