Rapid Prototyping Maya


Hey guys,

I just have a quick question regarding Maya files to be rapid prototyped.

I have been Boolean Unioning my parts however, it is causing me some trouble (Boolean is eviilll)

So I was just wondering if instead of booleaning, could i just combine the parts? Would the machine still be able to print it?

Thanks in advance!


The little I know about printing models, is they have to be very clean meshes. No booleans, no gaps.


a NURBS object created with Booleans using Maya is not the same as a NURBS object created using a solid modeller, where you can do Booleans all day long without a hiccup.

i have used One Space Designer (since bought by PTC, the people who make Pro-E) and it helped me crank out some *.stl files for a rapid prototyping process that used a ceramic slurry. zero glitches. one constraint - the object from which the *.stl file was created had to be in “positive space” - that octant of 3D space where X>0, Y>0, and Z>0.


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