Rapid Eye Movment-short


Hi, Here is a short that I done back in Max 4, Its called Rapid Eye Movment,It is about a dream world were the minds eye decides to explore the darker places of the brain. This has some obscure meaning and symbolisms in it. I recently put it up on youtube as nobody had seen it and it was just gathering dust, comments are welcomed.:slight_smile:



although the animation needs a bit work (especially on that big flesh monster thing:) ), I really enjoyed watching it. The setting and mood are awsome, I love a bit of grunge and loads of weird scenes and dirty rooms. kinda explains why I love silent hill… . The story is also nice, but has its flaws. The ending was great but I kinda expected something would pop up :wink:
keep on going!


Thanks for the comment, I did notice when I was making the short “that big flesh monster thing” wasnt the best, animation wasnt my aim, It was one of those things that If I didnt finish it fast I would lose intrest, Im working on something new now, (GI AND ANIMATION WILL BE MY MAIN FOCUS THIS TIME) I dont want to rush it, REM took only 2 months to make including rendering times and sound mixing. Thanks again


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