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Could anybody tell me where to find rankings for courses, CG Schools, and lists of all the schools (or at least somewhere i could investigate where to study).



3d World Magazine did a ranking of undergrad computer graphics program. This ranking hasn’t gotten any traction in the industry as would a US news ranking would get. If I were you, I would take their rankings with a grain of salt,but it will give you some idea of what they consider to be the better programs:


Also, this was published a number of years ago. I am sure that many programs have changed for both better and worse.For example, it is my understanding that AAU no longer has Pixar sponsoring any classes there or having their people teach there.


I agree with taxguy, I wouldn’t trust rating too much especially because many online google results will show you fake rating websites that are sponsored by different schools (for example one listed nothing but art institute brand schools…hmm I wonder why?) Try coming up with a list of what you want out of school then dig into the information on the schools yourself to see what schools meat your goals/needs the best. Then clarify that they meet those needs well with student reviews, blogs, etc of people that actually attended.



this may help you.


3D World Magazine wrote an article on the 20 best animation / VFX schools in the world in Issue 154 (April 2012).

They listed the following schools (in order of appearance in the article, they did not attempt to rank them) pg 52:

Savannah College of Art and Design
Vancouver Film School
DAVE School
University of Hertfordshire
Gnomon School of Visual Effects
Ringling College of Art and Design
Film Akademie Baden-Wurttemburg
Bournemouth NCCA
The Animation School
Escape Studios
Teesside University
Utrecht School of the Arts
Full Sail
USC School of Cinematic Arts


thanks moidphotos. :slight_smile:


They actually do, at the moment. At one point, all of the Pixar employees teaching at AAU left, but since then a few new Pixar animators have started teaching there.


Although I felt that the prior rankings were fairly good, these rankings are questionable. To rate a one year program such as the Dave school or Full Sail over that of SVA is just plainly wrong.


If you are referring to the 3D World article, the schools are not ranked in any order; the article did not place any preference on one course over another (bar that of the amount of words written about some being more than others), so I wrote the schools out in the same order they were printed in the magazine.


Not to mention it’s hard to make a list that’s both animation and VFX. The animation work out of Goeblins, for example, is some of the best in the world but you wouldn’t want to go there for VFX.

You’ve also got very different types of programs even in their basic format. Gnomon, DAVE, and Escape Studios aren’t 4 year college experiences like USC, Cal Arts and others.

I’d also think that Animation Mentor, iAnimate, and AnimSchool should generally be included when discussing the top animation schools, even though they are online programs.

Short answer: don’t trust lists :slight_smile:


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