Ranger Character


Hello everybody…
I finally have the guts to show some of my stuff on cg talk too. :smiley:

The model I’m currently working on is a fantasy game character. The plan was to give the model nice, clean edge loops and keep it under 3500 polys. It took me almost 11 weeks to model, texture and rig/skin the character. I just finished to create two dozend morph targets for facial animation and right now I’m trying to give the rig/skin some final tweaks.
I’m not yet satisfied with the rigging solution I used for the pouldrons but I’m working on it.


hey man, nice work, ah, rigging… sigh. only crits i can think of are the hands look small, and the big belt buckle is skewing some, think his thighs might be a tad long too, your hands should hit around half way. might also play with giving the sholder pad tops a bit of wear n tear or fade em a bit. mayeb a tad monochramatic, but nice. good work dude, and good luck.


The knees look a little low. the texture is pretty nice tho. Another small detail I can see, and maybe its just the perspective is that the torso looks larger in size than the legs. Almost like his upper frame and lower frame do not match up. His really cool, tho, And I look forward to updates on this guy.


thanks for the input guys! :thumbsup:
I think the problem is that I drew the knee pads and the belt to low.
I’ll fix that over the weekend. I’ll also resize the Hands a bit… I just hope that doesn’t completely screw up my rig. arrrggg


you can use the rigg to rescale, just scaleand position the underlying bones and the geometry should follow, this is good as the envelopes should deform the mesh correctly.


Hey, Shep. I thought scaling bones was a no no? Maybe I’m confused.


ive never had a problem with it, i use max, maybe in maya!

aslong as you dont scale too much and stretch the texture.

if someone knows better then please explain, as ive never thought it was baaad


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