Randomly jumping vertices/edges?


This problem has been giving me fits (see the attached image for examples). This is happening on a character rigged for a few frames of animation, but at the moment there isn’t any animated movement, so it’s basically a static model.

That said, for a while now I’ve found that if I try to adjust the mesh by tweaking a vertex or edge to smooth the contour, the changes do not stay put. It often happens in consecutive frames where things are fine in frame 1, then somehow a vertex or two will jump randomly a little in one or another direction in frame 2, then apparently seem to try to jump back closer to frame 1–but still messed up. An edge may suddenly disappear or reattach a vertex somewhere, then reset slightly off in the next frame.
Maybe significant, but this doesn’t happen over the whole mesh…it seems to only start where I try to fix something.

I do not profess to be a pro at this, but when you set a mesh geometry shouldn’t everything stick relative to where you set it? So I’m lost why suddenly this one mesh seems to have randomly jumping vertices and disappearing/reattaching edges.
Any help will be very much appreciated…


After tweaking the vertices, detach skinCluster and rebind with skin weights imported will solve your problem.