Random wiggle node xpresso setup?


Hello, i thought it could be done somehow easily but u have not been able to make it works for me. I just want to controll angle of deformer through xpresso node setup and i need to be able to controll the wiggle speed per second… Please help me someone please!


I am not completely shure what you want to achive, but I would look into the noise Node and connect it to the values you want to wiggle.

best regards


Hi Jops, if you are familiar with “wiggle” script in After Effects so i would like to achieve the same effect in Cinema 4D, i need some xpresso setup where i could be able to set the wiggle per second etc… What i have done so far is one random node connected to parameter i want to change, but i have not figured where to edit the timing of random node to not happen each frame.


select the noise node. in the atribute manager you will find parameters for size and fequency and so on. you can animate these values.


Thank you ALL for your help here, especially to you Jops, the noise node did that trick for me!


you are welcome :slight_smile: