Random render-crash error message


Does anyone here know what this error message means, and what I can do about it? And how the hell memory can be low on a machine with 3 Gb of RAM?
I get it at random intervals when the rendering of one of my characters crashes, I think it has something to do with the textures but I’m not sure. There’s much more but since I’m illiterate on the technical side I don’t know how much of it is relevant.

GlobalAlloc: No such file or directory
Error: Free memory is low. Memory Exception thrown

Cause of memory exception

2048 Mb Free Memory
2048 Mb Free Swap
80 Mb Size of alloc
10 Mb Low Memory Threshold

574 Mb Peak Total Size (Estimated)


This error message looks similar to mine, but mine appears already when I load a scene.
It’s a scene that loaded well some days ago.
I have much less memory than you, just 1 GB, but it should be enough for a 3.7 GB mb-file. The texture file ist very small, so there’s no relation to that. Maya loads the mb-file quick, but processes for 30 - 40 minutes before presenting the well known error message. Is this a severe memory management problem on Maya’s side?
I’m stuck, please help.



oops, I meant it processes for 30 - 40 SECONDS. :wink:


hmmm … of course it’s a 3.7 MB file … hmmm…
argh :wip:


Uhm lutz, see that “Edit” button just below your replies? Use it :wink:
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when you do your uv and you use snapshot to get your grid . the bigger size for the texture you can enter is 2048 if you go higher than that maya wil crash for sure because the software can t read bigger file this will be fix in 4.5


The reason I think it might be texture related is because when I map everything with a flat white shader it renders fine, no problems. WITH all the textures it goes anywhere from 5 to 50 frames or more, then crashes. And I don’t even have to restart the computer to make it work again, I just restart the rendering from the crashed frame, and it works fine, they’re not even heavy frames to render, average about 1 or 2 minutes on PAL resolution. (And it’s not just one computer, it’s others too.)
It could be SubD related too, maybe the UV’s on deforming hierarchical Subd’s when a big file texture is mapped there?
It’s really annoying to come in next morning and find the renderer stopped at 12:15. It’s also really annoying to have to split the rendering up into 5 frames-a-piece scripts.

I was wondering if there’s a simple setting I could change somewhere… sure I can try making all my textures smaller but they’re not THAT big.

Oh and, here’s another bit of fun Maya Subd rendering trivia that might be interesting to someone -
When you render Fur, even a small bit with the simplest settings, and there’s deforming hierarchical Subd’s in the same scene, it can take half an hour per frame. But delete the Fur, and it takes 1.5 minutes. Or, delete the Subd’s and keep the Fur, and it takes 10 seconds. Figure that one out if you can… :slight_smile:


Is the fur emitting from the HSDS? If so, maybe if you emit the fur from a proxy mesh it will speed up. I really don’t know, I’ve only done the fur tutorials. I never really used it.

Your original problem may be some sort of bug in Maya particular to subdivision surface texturing. Looking at that cryptic message, I’d guess your memory is getting fragmented as each frame gets rendered and it doesn’t get released until finally Maya can’t allocate a large enough chunk of memory for the data it needs to store. It coud be specific to your harwware. Have you gotten the latest Point release for Maya? I think I read elsewhere that this was a Boxx system you bought? If having the most current version of Maya doesn’t solve it, I’d contact both Boxx and A|W and see if they can sort it out. If this is a bug it seems like it would be a fairly obvious one, A|W may be aware of it and have a workaround or a patch fo you.


As a test. open up your task manager and watch what your memory usage does as it’s rendering. See if it’s fluctuating or just being allocated until Maya crashes.


Hi Mr. Stahlberg …a true honour to see u here in cgtalk.

Basically messages like this from your machines comes many times not from your physical memory but from your swap file size.
In many cases when maya is installed in a drive different than C (primary hard disk) when it reads large texture files it is counting on your swap file (also when it raytraces a scene). So a a first hint go and make your swap file bigger, restart your machine and see if that was the case.



if you think it might be a texture related problem you can have a try and let your textures being converted to BOT textures.

have a look at the command, you can find there:

the command itself is:
maya -optimizeRender [options] mayaFile optimizedMayaFile

if it is really texture related this can help. but it will make the render slower especially when you render over the net.

hope that helps




Hi Mr.Stahlberg…
I do have the same problems… but not exactly…
cause our scene do not have any sudivide poly. but same crashed, same warning.
it’s a very heavy scene and with so many textures.
And I remember that we need to render out for 1280 * 1024 resolution with Motion Blur…we only can render to a number of frames and it stopped. We guess the computer cannot support it… (how about your situation?)
Actually, It’s a production job in my company…due to the tight dieline, than we do make a script to render every 5 frames or 10 frames each time to solve the problems
…Ha…ha…ha… It’s real. No time for us to solve it…
But one thing you can try is, turn on the texture cached for big texture, that maya will not upload it to memory but in harddisk.
By the way, My name is Don, really nice to chat with you. I living in HongKong…I’ve attend your virtual beauty talk show in polyU few years ago … I really enjoy of that!.
want to chat with you than, pls e-mail me.forgive my poor english:)


if i would have gotten a cent for every time in a production we had to render even single frames because maya would crash or go banana after more frames i would be a VERY rich man right now… i think i would buy spain or italy :smiley:


btw… i really like the error message of steven… maya tells you it crashed because of low memory and underneath it tells that about 1500mb real and 2000mb swap mem are free… :slight_smile:


uhm, can such errors be avoided by installing maya on the primary partition of your hard disk?
DimitrisLiatsos made a relation between the partition maya was installed and the amount of swap space the OS has. Is that true?
Maybe I misunderstood him… :shrug:
In my case maya seems to ignore my physical RAM. It just uses w2k’s virtual RAM.
This is kind of annoying.



Hi Don!
CitizenVertex, no the Fur isn’t issuing from a SubD, but from a small invisible NURBS surface.

BOT, hm I’ll look into that thanks. I’ll also check the memory usage in the task manager, and turning on texture cache. I don’t think it’s the swap size…


i dont think it has anything to do with your ram.can you tel us the free space you have on your hard disk(s)?


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