Random Offset Video Texture with MoGraph cloner and Effectors


I am making a 28 second looping animation, and I’m using a seamless looping 28 second video as one of the textures to be applied to an object which is being cloned by a mograph cloner. It would be ideal if each cloned object would have the video start at a random frame (and then loop back to the beginning again once it reaches the end). I attempted this tutorial here, which would be a way to achieve my goal:


However, the issue is that my 28 second animation is 60 frames per second, which means that I would have 60*28=1680 textures in the multishader. Unsurprisingly, this makes C4D extremely slow and nearly completely unusable any time I deal with anything involving that material.

It would be idea if, instead, I could actually use a video file (.mp4), and achieve the same effect.

If I’m using a video as a texture, is it possible to have that video start at a random point on each object with a MoGraph cloner (while having the video repeat itself once it reaches the end to maintain a seamless loop)?