Random offset of looped animation for multiple objects?


Ok, here’s my scene:
I have a box, which is animated to

  1. be still, anticipate the next step a little
    2.spin 450 degrees around x-axis
  2. shake a little, be still
    loop the above with a relative repeat “out of range” mode.

Ok so far so good.

Now I need to create an array with about 30x30 of these boxes. I am looking for a way to offset my animation track a random amount for each box, so that all boxes are out of sync (without having to do it manually). It would also be great to have the boxes go thru the loop at different speeds, so some of the boxes was faster than others.

I’m not good with maxscript, so I was thinking of using a render of one box, low res, as a particle in combustion, and use the particle system to achieve something similar if i can’t make it in max. Max provides better realtime tweaking, and realtime camera animation though. Or I could do it the hard way and manually tweak each box (would be too time consuming though).

Any help would be appreciated!


I rendered out one of the boxes, and used that sequence as a particle with combustions particle system. There I could have automatic random offset, color tinting, size, etc. Anyway, it did the job well.


For the record, this is what I have done in a situation similar to yours (if I understand well)

select all your boxes and go to track view, select your rotation keys and use Utilities/Track view utilities/Randomize keys. There you can specify a range within the keys will be randomized. Maybe this could be of use to you.



Thanks Marcus:thumbsup: I’ll try it later tonight, for future reference.


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