Random Matrix Tracer Sweep Color


I have a matrix object whose positions are being controlled with a Python effector. I have a tracer object whose trace link is set to the matrix, and it is a child of a sweep object along with a circle spline to create a bunch of moving streaks. I would like each sweep to be a different random color to get a rainbow effect. However, it seems that there is no way to get the color information from the matrix object to the sweep. When I give the sweep a material with a mograph color shader and apply a random effector to the matrix object (with color mode set to on), the sweeps are still all white.

Given this particular setup, how can I get the color information to the sweep? If it’s not possible, what would you do to make each streak have a different random color? I have attached my project file below for reference:



I was able to get this to work by placing the Sweep under a Fracture Object and in the Attributes Manager for the Fracture object under Object tab choose Explode Segments and under the Effectors tab, drag your Random Color Effector you’ve already created or use another one if you want/need it to be different to the Matrix.



This worked perfectly, thank you!