Randel walkcycle


hi yall!

just re-did a walkcycle on this character; Randel I made about a year ago(march 2002) . I also added motion to the feathers+hairs.:wip:

lemmy know what you think

Randel walkin

cheers !



Hah cool!

That’s one creepy little character. It’s quite a fast walk.


thnx for the comment!:smiley:

yes when I first animated him he was walkin more slowly, but I wanted the character to have this hasty(right spelling?) feel over him, so I made him walk faster, almost running, and gave him the twitchy style of bird-like animation.


hey, i like the character alot.

have you tried making him walk like a bird? very quick hops. if he is to move like a bird, with the hops you could really push the pose to pose and timing on him.


I allready made an animation with him but the file-size is a bit to big for my account at this time :confused:


Nice walk cycle Khepri.

Yeah… I with Vic about getting him to hop. I am really looking forward to see him hopping like a bird. Nice scary character by the way… what is it for?

I’ve just seriously started doing character animation and thank-you very much for your feedback about my walk cycle (working on it right now). By the way, I am just wondering how long have you been doing character animation?



well, I have been doing character animation for… bout 2 years now(all of it mostly doodles) mostly schoolwork, so little illustrative animations(walkin man, runnin man, etc) I do not see myself as an animator though, its fun to do and all, but I mostly specialize in rendering/compositing/modelling and scene setup.

since I am still a student I have alot other stuff to do, so when I start something I either make it in one go, or I don’t finish it for ages.


but when I do finnish it I am happy.

I am currently working on my “ego-profile” which is a showreel kind of project in which I have to oppertunity to show who I am and what I am capable of.

this project is also taking alot of time(1 character animation/story short, 2 visual effects shorts, and a couple of posters).

I will see if I make a “hopping” animation of him.

thnx for the comments and good luck on your animation.



Hey Khepri I remember this character. I also remember your other walk cycle and this one is much better! Still a cool character nice to see all those feathers n stuff move, it really adds alot. The only thing that makes me wonder is why his “hand clench” move happens every 2 steps instead of every step? If it’s seconadary motion in reaction to his steps, it should happen every step/bounce - out on the low, clench on the high kinda thing.

Looks great, much better.


if you might allow me to review it with you i would like to suggest a few things.

He really doesn’t seem to shift his center of gravity. It is always perfectly between his two feet. This needs to shift, especially because he is walking ‘toes first’. This looks like it would mean that the shoulder movement would be more pronounced, and the off-side arm dropping lower (in order to get the center of gravity to drop with it) to help ensure the foot gets enough weight on it to stop it from slipping.

If you walk (on solid ground, no carpet) with your toes curled and leading the heel you will see exactly what i mean. I am only picturing this in my mind because i am too bone lazy to get up, but i am pretty sure that i am correct.

So, this is what i would do specifically.

Toe hits and spreads, then the heel hits with a little snap and brings the shoulder on the same side in an arc downward, while the other arm raises slightly. The shoulder then leads an arc forward, slightly outside and leads the pelvis over the now firmly planted foot, freeing the other to pull up, with the toes being the last thing to leave the ground.

It really isn’t changing a whole lot, but i think it will help.
Now, two more things.

BEWARE THE HOPPING!!! Hopping in a pain to animate and draw mood with, it obscures the face of the character and makes reading the eyes hard. It can be used to bring a sense of the dynamic speed of the character to life, but use is sparingly. Hopper and his gang hopped how much in Bugs Life???

Second thing. When creating a walk cycle people often lock down the eyes. This means that the character is in effect, dead. A strange thing to do when you are trying so hard to bring life to it. If you have an aim constraint, use it. Point it at something in the distance, and let the eyes look at it, instead of fixing rigidly in his head. It may sound small, but it turns a character into a living thing that is going somewhere. I think you’ll enjoy the extra effect.

Well, i have taken way too much space up here. I hope my comments help and i look forward to seeing what you do with this guy. Just one thing, what package did you use? What are some of the techie details. I’d like to know more about it.

Well done, you are clearly very talented.


thnx for the comment, the handthing is one of those things you don’t see anymore when your “into your character”, I’ll fix that!

thnx for spending alot of time to reply :slight_smile:
yes your right about those things, lucky thing that someone said it, because when your into a character so much you do not notice it until someone else looks at it.
I will put a couple of the things in there, so expect an update very soon(allthough I have a really busy time at school now).

this is done in 3ds Max 4 btw, the skeleton I am using is a very basic one but it is flexible enough to do anything with really “simplicity is the key” after all ;). for the feathers I am using a simple flex modifier to get the feathers nice and bouncy.

I like to keep it all nice and simple so that I do not have to worry if: “that IK controlled eyelash is still in place” etc.
as I said in another reply, I am not specialised in character animation, I just really enjoy doing it, and to really enjoy it(keep the rigging part as painless as possible)I create a skeleton that is extremely fuctional rather than extremely advanced.

here is an animation I created about 10 months back also still a WIP but is shows abit more “other” moves he can do.


(don’t look at the sometimes non organic movement, I still had to create the birdlike twitching with the head)



i agree with thesaint.

hopper and his gang never hopped, walked around and jumped into flight. that was the effect of giving an animal human characters. with your character it has a human face, so we automaticaly see that and will accept it. now with the bird in bug’s life, that is the kind of motion that i was thinking of. i agree with thesaint again, that it would be hard on the eyes to see in a cycle animation, so i would attempt just a short animation. showing how he moves by hopping. i would not suggest that this would be his only mode of transportation.

take a look at the bird in bugs life and the do-do’s in ice age, if i remember they had a nice run and the timing was very “tex avery”. those are the only refearances that i can think of off the top of my head. another good referance would be to study the run of and ostraritch, but right now i am trying to remember what your characters neck looks like.:smiley:

i remeber reading that you are not big on character animation and tend to go towards modeling, rendering and compositing, but you have to admit, thesaint is giving you some great feed back.:applause:


i remeber reading that you are not big on character animation and tend to go towards modeling, rendering and compositing, but you have to admit, thesaint is giving you some great feed back.

I do! I love it when people can help me/ point me in the right direction, thats why I joined this board in the first place!:beer:

but: then again: the characters named by the two of you, are totall opposites of my character, not only the style(looks theme), but also the way of the character…

errr hard to explain… its the feeling the character is giving you, my character is supposed to give you a creepy, unconfertable feeling(sleepy hollow like) .

but, I love character animation(let there be no mistake about that) :slight_smile:

cheers and thnx for your comment


but: then again: the characters named by the two of you, are totall opposites of my character, not only the style(looks theme), but also the way of the character…

Oh man, we know. One look at it asserts what its character is like.
The examples were to illustrate that even when hopping in a character would seem to be a natural, it might actually fight what you are trying to achieve.

I think a hybrid hop, where he is clearly hurrying and this naturally breaks into a hop every now and then would be quite cool.

I must say that i like the character quite a lot, even though it creeps me out a little. Your secondary motion that is driven through the feathers is quite wonderful and will lend itself to all kinds of ‘emphasis’, like a sudden stop being made pronounced by the way the feathers over shoot.

I looked at your second animation and liked it too. It hit some strong poses, but failed to hold them long enough. But for as new as you are, it is very good.

Another tip (and this is for anybody that wants it) Is place your character at a three quater angle to the camera when creating walk cycles. It means you can see both sides, which helps reinforce subtle body movement, and helps you to see if the weight is shifting not just side to side, but front to back too. That’s the way i always shoot mine anyway.

Keep up the good work and keep us in the loop. Very exciting.


thesaint - great comments, they can be used for any character driven animation.

Khepri - if you are looking to add some nice secondary motion to the charcter, try it with the feet. the character has bird toes, they should come together when raised and spread aprt on the contact poses, when the feet hit the ground. it will also show the characters weight, watch disneys dinosaurs for some good examples of what i mean. watch the follow through on the feet on your character too.

again, i love the character!


man you people are great :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thnx alot!

I will get right on it in an hour or so!

I’ll have an update tomorrow(its 0.25 am here at the moment)



ok well… that hour became a week :/(almost)

suddenly I had loads of schoolwork to do.(cool stuff though)

right I sat down yesterday and added some of the walkstuff(toes, eyes, more weight), and I am gonna try the hop thing.

updated walkcycle

hope you enjoy this update! and let me know what you think!


oh and the video can play shockie, but thats because of the compression stuff :confused:


nice update.

his feet still look “sticky”, like they are suction cups, try having him pivot off the toe and then have the toes follow trhough on the next contact (when the foot comes back down tot he ground).

i really do like this character.


I’ve been away for a while so i only just caught up with this.

Wow, this is looking really neat! I don’t think the feet look too sticky. I love the bounce and that look of the stored energy in the release part of the walk, but what is this??? Twinning???

Do i see twinning!!! NOOOOOOOO :wink:

Look, i took sooo much heat for the first trailer of Monsters where we had Mike going in and out of twinned poses i thought you should take some heat too (jk)

Destroy the twinning you sinner!

It is looking really nice though. Great Job.


thesaint - I am just wondering what is twinning? Thanks.


twinning is where the pose is symmetrical across your character.
Both left and right halfs have the same look.

On this animation both the hands are held at the same height, the head is held straight down the center and elbows are the same distance from the body.

Poses should never be twinned in an ideal world, they tend to look flat and uninteresting – although this walk cycle is pretty good despite it :slight_smile: