"Ralatak" French short film



     here is our last school project for the ESRA Bretagne. A 5'01 length cartoon movie, made in approximatly 3 monthes. We were five french students on this project : Camille CAMPION, Dorian FEVRIER, Frédéric FOURIER, Frédéric LAFAY, Olivier SICOT. There was also Guillaume HALGAND and Vincent MARTINEZ for the sound. It was made on maya 7, after effects, photoshop, premiere. Mental Ray render. 
     Please tell us what do you think of this.
                                     [left]- [HIGH](http://freelancerdu29.free.fr/videos/Ralatak_640x480_Divx6.0.avi) - [Mirror](http://fred841.free.fr/fichiers/prod2/Ralatak_640x480_Divx6.0.avi) - 106 Mo - Divx
                       [left] - [MEDIUM](http://freelancerdu29.free.fr/videos/Ralatak_576x432_Divx6.0.avi) - [Mirror](http://fred841.free.fr/fichiers/prod2/Ralatak_576x432_Divx6.0.avi) - 60 Mo - Divx
                       [left]- [LOW](http://freelancerdu29.free.fr/videos/Ralatak_320x240_Divx6.0.avi) - [Mirror](http://fred841.free.fr/fichiers/prod2/Ralatak_320x240_Divx6.0.avi) - 30 Mo - Divx

In streaming here :

     Or you can take a look at the site : [http://www.ralatak.sup.fr/](http://www.ralatak.sup.fr/)
     thanks in advance, and feel free to contact us :)


no comments on our shot ?

come on guys, criticize us :slight_smile:

ps: use the High Speed Server you have to wait a few secondes but it is really quickly for download.
Or there is another solution. You can watch directly the movie here : http://www.koreus.com/media/ralatak.html


I love the whole idea. And the characters are very fun in their design but I can’t help but feel that their motion is hampered by their design. When the little buggers are running. . . they just don’t go very fast.

But. . . man. . . when he walks into the wheat field and they all start throwing little things at him. I laughed out loud. Not often that happens. And I love the way it ends. I tend to like “lighter” stories.

Very very cute/fun. Good job.


Super cool work , I think all the “problems” wegg pointed are the charm of the animation, the rat feet dont bend I found it funny. It is hilarious when the rats throw seeds , the big guy reaction is great.
5 stars in my opinion, some times I think we forget we are not making animation for animators, and all the rules.

Edit / and about the scnenario and characters look they are awesome.


hey thanks guys for the comments, make us really happy. It is so hard work than when someone laugh out loud, it is trully a victory :slight_smile:


I have also worked on this short with Fred and it’s the best critic I ever heard! Thank a lot and I’m very happy that you find it funny!


Maybe some other advices… :blush:


I’d like to check this out but being on another computer that I can’t install stuff on, I don’t have a player that has Divx capabilities…sounds pathetic but that might be another reason you don’t have as many views. Can you make a quicktime version if it doesn’t sacrafice too much of the quality of the piece? Much appreciated…


yep you’re probably right PureMoxi. I didn’t think of that. We tried to used as many servers as possible but sometimes they are really slow. So I’ll make a .mov version very soon. If you know a good place to host this kind of movie…

PS : congratulations for your sonata short :slight_smile:


Hahaha that was hilarious, i really liked the characters and the sharp edges on their heads, kind of added cool style to it. So yeah great story, animation - and 3 months for a 5 minute short movie - fantastic job guys :thumbsup:


Really cool little animation i really enjoyed watching it :)I like the style of it and the idea was really cool.Its just very original.

Good job 5 Stars

sorry for my bad english.


Tres bien :bounce:
congratz people


merci pour les petits mots en français :slight_smile:


So, here is the link to the quicktime version :

http://fred841.free.fr/fichiers/prod2/Ralatak_high.mov - High - 67 Mo

sorry about that but the compression is not perfect. Or the file will size more thant hundred meg :slight_smile:


Nice work. I like the overall look, character designs and the compositions for each shot. The little detail animation with the moving blades of grass, wheat and the tree really added to the sense that this world exists…somewhere. I thought it was funny that these small fellows continued to think small when trying to solve a big problem with what I assume is a giant badger (but I am not an animal expert so I could be wrong…) The animation felt right throughout and seemed quite consistent and in character…I dug it.

From a story standpoint, however, I felt it dragged a bit as the beats could have been shorter and quicker, making the idiocy of these rat plans build momentum. One joke after the other – in quick succession – would have made me laugh out loud because I really like the ideas you presented – instead I felt like you let each of your jokes rise and then deflate so that you could deliver the next one. Additionally, I felt that the initial conflict could have been a more extreme and more clearly defined as I could not find it in myself to justify continued attacks on a Badger who was just rude and seemed to want to be left alone. I did not feel much empathy for either party and that created a barrier for me to get into the characters and into the story. That likely could have been solved by making the badger a complete jerk and instead of just beating these rats across the screen, showing the badger getting some evil pleasure from their pain or something that would make me want to pick a side. Instead, I felt like a fence hugger, unable to feel anything toward either side and, consequently, chose to enjoy the nice rendering, animation and character design. I realize these sound like harsh critiques, but given that everything else in this rather long short is top notch, I think you can handle a little constructive criticism. Of course, mine is just one opinion so take it as such.

Either way, I sincerely congratulate you. It must have taken quite a bit of time to do this size of a project at the level that you did…


hey thanks ryan for the critics. It doesn’t sound too harsh, no problem :slight_smile: This is the way we can learn and do something better next time. You’re probably right concerning the lengh of some shots. It could be really quicker to add more dynamism. But at school we have a screenplay teacher who likes understandable story. He doesn’t feel really concerned of what can be done in 3D short. His field is the full-length traditionnal movie and he does not really try to understand the problems of a 3D short. I’m not saying that the bad things in our screenplay are only due to him. I’m just trying to explain why some people feel there is some “quiet” time.

Concerning the side you could not choose… We wanted that people doesn’t feel any compassion or something like that for somebody. But now, I think this was a mistake to do that because some people feel too spectators, not really implicated. There’s no really hero in our short…

so I think your critic is a good summary of what people said to us. Cool design, nice animation, it is funny… but sometimes too long, not enough dynamic.

thanks for watching, and see you soon for the last one :slight_smile: We’ll keep you inform about that .


I love it…

i found it very funny and creative!

also nice to see a maxwell animation rendering!

good luck in the future


Thanks for all comments!:bounce:

I don’t know if I understand well but Ralatak was made with Mental Ray… Maxwell just help us to find a nice render way…:slight_smile:


My wife and I enjoyed it so much

We first thought it was going to drag on a little,
but you guys wrapped up the story very nicely.

My favorite scene is @4:20 when those little ones are
trying to release the trap !
It was funny and rather touching … Great !

And also I enjoyed the ‘Making of’ just as much.
It was just so funny.

Keep up the great work guys!

One question,
How did you do the DOF? was it done in the post?

(Also, after watching the ‘Making of’,
I had the impression that the short was rendered in Maxwell.
And for those of you who are confused like me, let me quote
Frédéric FOURIER “…all was done in mental ray with final gather
but you still can see some of the maxwell tests on the Ralatak site”)


Nice animation, I really enjoyed it. Very funny.

Cest magnific! Le résultat est tout simplement magnifique.:thumbsup: