Rajanandepu #Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


here is todays sketch 13/22


here is todays sketch i ! 14/22 what do you think



I’m still working on my floating woman pic, figuring out lighting, building structures in wonky perspective, studying leg anatomy, cloth … over days, over a week.

In an hour?

Explain now. How this is happening. Go… explain…

Like the look on these images. I brought up the word ‘cohesive’ a while ago. Doesn’t look over sketchy.

But then I also talked about never figuring out brushes and techniques in Photoshop. Dodge is surely a part.

Hey. Looks great. Like to see them.

Later on.


Hey i use lot of custom shapes and brushes to sped the workflow while doing thse fun paintings also i try to find the cool refernece related to my idea and ! of cource i take weeks too for quality serious works !

dont worry about the speed while learning it comes with the experience i guess ! so just focus on quality worl ! :slight_smile:

take a look at these videos to see what i mean


Beautiful piece. Great understanding of light and shade. I want to be in that forest!


Hi Raja,

Absolutely. I was thinking that earlier. Groundwork. Working things out as a learning process.

I do think the lighting turned out pretty well.

How do I say…?I guess when I get overly praising - I guess I could say - that can be a bit of a putoff. So I’m glad you could respond to questions of technique.

Glad it didn’t go in a weird direction, basically.

Anyway. Cool . Talk to you later.


Great pieces like usual! :slight_smile:


Very nice pieces you keep delivering! Love the colours and light game.


exploring more styles ! try to make some stylized stuff


Thanks everyone for the kind words…! You guys are killing the challenge too. Keep do I ng great stff 16/22


14/12 is amazing!


I hope that I’ll be able to work with color like you one day. Very inspiring stuff!


Day 14 blew my mind ! What a beautiful lighting… Powerful setting too… Nice, very nice…


Hey Raja! Nice paintings, keep up the challenge!
Followed your instagram :slight_smile:


You have great atmosphere and lighting in all your images, it really makes them pop and sets a mood for each. Love everything you’ve done so far :slight_smile:




love the colors and light!


Always more effective.
Very good:)


SO nice it makes one really homesick.