Rail haven, Marco Rolandi (3D)


Incredible work on the details. :bounce:
I wish I knew how you did lighting like that, it looks very realistic and blends nicely with the motive.

Futuristic scenery like this makes me kind of sad. It reminds me of the large city in “Tales of the Earth-Sea”… well, now when I wrote that I suppose the title of the movie does as well :slight_smile: By any chance inspired by it?


Reminds me of Chicago in a not so bright future. Great feeling when I look at this…“what’s to come?”


Awesome picture… definitly futuristic did not quite understand how the entire ocean could be covered by railroads nevertheless a splendid piece of work


awesome work.
5 stars for you :slight_smile:


The environment is great! That structure behind the cathedral reminds me of a griant locomotive. Awsome work!


great modeling, lighting and render. Also very nice on the fog. Gives the whole thing a nice atmosphere


What is your secret?

Your image is,I don’t know what to say, let me give my rate,10 strars!

Well done


Excellent job! Congratulations

Great details and scene mood.


great compostion


u`ve done a fantastic job :cool:


it’s awsome ,m speechless…fantastic…5 stars



Title: Rail haven
Name: Marco Rolandi
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I posted anything on cgtalk, sorry about that… This image is the last from a personal project I’ve been working on. It’s the story of a world in which men are nothing but small pieces of giant machines, a decaying society struggling for survival. The image depicts the harbor of a metropolis, where the sea no longer exists and has been replaced by an endless swamp covered by railroad tracks. Hope you like it.[it’s awsome ,m speechless…fantastic…5 stars]


Really nice stuff… that smoke is lovely in the sence nice work…


Incredible flawless details! A masterpiece!


it’s very amazing, very nice atmosphere,I felt your picture cool,lt’s special yellow color,
very beatifully.


This is just amazing…love the atmosphere :thumbsup:
4 stars ****



Just curious: how much time it takes to render all scene?



it’s very good


This looks great, its both ancient and modern at the same time, great job


very nice,