Rail haven, Marco Rolandi (3D)


awesome, that really is need. to think maybe some thing like that is some were out there.


beautiful work :thumbsup:


Great Job!


Beautiful work, compliments. 5 stars :slight_smile:


An incredible work!
I think that 5 stars are insufficient to evaluate such a great work!


WOW! Bravo, bravo, bravo.


Awesome work…Looking really kool indeed…Nice lighting and texturing too…All the best…Cheers:)


:thumbsup: Ottimo lavoro!


Ciao Marco!!! Bellissimo lavoro :thumbsup:

Sono anche io italiano e vorrei imparare a fare le cose ke fate voi O_O


awesome work! my only crit would be that the lion pillar’s head is shining a little too bright in the shadowed region than i would expect. but really, awesome atmosphere, lighting and attention to detail!


Waw! awesome render! beautiful lighting!
great work!:thumbsup:


What a beatiful complexity in the wires!! Great job! Great mood!! Congrats!


Wonderful image with great atmosphere !


Wow, quite impressive. I can’t believe how dense that scene is. I thought for sure half of it was painted due to so much complexity. I honestly don’t know how some people find the time to build such things. Keep up the great work.


Complimenti !,
Really a massive work, thanks for sharing the infos on the making.
Very nice choice of mood and setting.
As you said, it must have been diffucult to manage the detail level at various distances…infact the foreground building stone walls look a little under-detailed to me(well, compared to the ultra-detailed rest) probably could have used just a little more weathering on the walls …
Again, Great job!:thumbsup:


the lighting and styles are impressive, love it! 5* frome me!:thumbsup:


Very beautiful imagery, nice atmospheric effects, all the elements are integrated together really well!


A really beautiful image here. The lighting is terrific! Looks like a scene from some great epic science fiction film. Hopefully, we’ll see more of this project as it progresses. Truly awesome!


i can never imagin that the whole sea would be replaced by the swamp…


Just incredible modelling and the whole composition, just cool !!!
And, can you tell something about texturing process and may be show some texture sheets :slight_smile: