Rail haven, Marco Rolandi (3D)


Here I am, back again. Again thanks for all the nice comments.
Random answers:
I was thinking of doing some bird view of the city and the swamp sea, but that would take some time… right now I have multiple sets but I don’t have a complete environment. We’ll see.
Yes zemmuonne I use groups. I know it sucks, I know I should use layers instead (and in other projects I use them a lot) but this one simply grew with goups by basically inheriting them from older scenes. There is one little trick tough, since the scene is divided in levels as said before, I completed the set pieces coming from the background till the foreground (which needed more details and more specific modeling). Once every set piece was done, I launched the rendering onto a second PC and continued working on the next level. In the end, when I finished modeling the foreground, all the previous layers where already rendered and therefore I had to wait restless only for the foreground to render before beginning compositing on photoshop.
Of course most of the objects were already done from previous scenes, (example)

and since I basically maintained the same conventions across the board (names, materials, dimensions) integrating alltogether was rather simple. As I said, lighting was a little more complicated, but it just required some planning.


Beautiful work. I love all of these environments you have done… Great atmosphere and mood. You have been pluggified to the front page.


Congratulations, looks stunning !, looking forward to see you here again :slight_smile: mate !


A good technique and an impressive precision, extraordinary!!


Hi Marco, great modeling, texturing and compositing…BRAVO.
5 stars.



Excellent work!! Congratulations!



Simply amazing, a really god job. 5 stars!


very nice work congratulations


wow…great work…I so love the picture and I love the colours…

um um …no words…*****5stars from me …:thumbsup: …good job…keep it up…:bounce: :bounce:


Hi :slight_smile:
great work!! beautiful!!!:applause:
I like the atmosphere, and the lighting…it’s a very elaborate matter!!
I would like to know your working procedure :)!!
I mean from the concept (did you start whit a sketch?) to lighting set…
because I see that on my work the point is to start with a good idea…
Thank you!!



Man, this is one of those images where I actually don’t know what to say - I can’t articulate how impressed I am with this work, Marco - not only in its final incarnation, but in the wires and details yu’ve shared. Just truly, mind-blowing work. Phil


Fantastic job, i love the idea and the lighting…great piece of art


Beautiful rendition, very good work!


lovely atmosphere, great sense of scale and great design!


excellent and spectacular job :thumbsup:


Nice picture.

And an amazing render work…


wow, man amazing job, shot is exelent.:thumbsup: 5*****!


The building with the bridge looks awesome.


Man, this is incredible, looks like a lot of work and a lot of geo to handle.
exellent job!!


Incredible Work :thumbsup:
Simply amazing!! :slight_smile: