Rail haven, Marco Rolandi (3D)


great compostion


u`ve done a fantastic job :cool:


it’s awsome ,m speechless…fantastic…5 stars



Title: Rail haven
Name: Marco Rolandi
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I posted anything on cgtalk, sorry about that… This image is the last from a personal project I’ve been working on. It’s the story of a world in which men are nothing but small pieces of giant machines, a decaying society struggling for survival. The image depicts the harbor of a metropolis, where the sea no longer exists and has been replaced by an endless swamp covered by railroad tracks. Hope you like it.[it’s awsome ,m speechless…fantastic…5 stars]


Really nice stuff… that smoke is lovely in the sence nice work…


Incredible flawless details! A masterpiece!


it’s very amazing, very nice atmosphere,I felt your picture cool,lt’s special yellow color,
very beatifully.


This is just amazing…love the atmosphere :thumbsup:
4 stars ****



Just curious: how much time it takes to render all scene?



it’s very good


This looks great, its both ancient and modern at the same time, great job


very nice,


I like the design element of the work, not too sure about the lighting in the work though. 5* for modelling, 3 for design. I’m not the best but I know u can do better.


Great atmosphere !!


hey i like your work very much is it a whole 3d work or it is composite with 2d?


beautiful rendering


really nice , great details , light & texture (5*)

i will be glad if i now your opinion about my works thanks


Great work.
I love how the steam and dust give the feel of decay and desolation.


Molto Bellisimo Marco

You really are great !!!



Wow!! Superb job!

I really feel like I’m there when looking at it.