Rail haven, Marco Rolandi (3D)


Title: Rail haven
Name: Marco Rolandi
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I posted anything on cgtalk, sorry about that… This image is the last from a personal project I’ve been working on. It’s the story of a world in which men are nothing but small pieces of giant machines, a decaying society struggling for survival. The image depicts the harbor of a metropolis, where the sea no longer exists and has been replaced by an endless swamp covered by railroad tracks. Hope you like it.


This is just amazing…love the atmosphere :thumbsup:
4 stars ****


very nice work - love the lighting - and the little details like the canisters in the foreground




wow, amazing work dude


Great lighting and atmosphere!


Stunning work in every detail ! Lighting and atmosphere is beautiful. Are the fog/haze and smoke are particles or 2D composite ?


So much detail, even reaching from within the fog. Great, well balanced composition. 5*


This is an awesome piece. Details, lighting, and atmosphere are all great. I would love to see a wire! :thumbsup:


wow:eek:…great atmoshpere :thumbsup: 5*…would like to see the wire also:)


nie job…Great lighting…


Amazing job. Great lighting and atmosphere.

Congratulations. :thumbsup:


A really awesome job, the details and the lighting is great !



great detail, 5*


I’d love to get a glimpse of that landscape you describe.
I understand that you can feel like between a rock and a hard place
when choosing the perspective, but it would be great to see all those
tracks fade into the horizon…

Just my 2 €C. :slight_smile:

Great picture.


Awsome Work Marco!!! That’s work is a stunning example of your incredible skills! :thumbsup:



:eek: :eek: :eek:


Hi guys, sorry for the late reply :rolleyes:, it’s quite a busy period…
First I wanted to thank you for all the nice words; knowing the cg talk community, it’s definitely an honor.
Here are some more details. I’ll have more in the future hours as well. Just give me time to prep everything… :stuck_out_tongue:

First the wireframe. You asked fot it ahahahah


And now some explanation:
This scene is made of very different objects coming for separate scenes of a personal project I'm working on. If it's not exactly the "mother of all my scenes in project X", let's say it's the uncle. It's made of low and high poly models, not exactly sorted by complexity going from background to foreground (sigh).
In the end the scene turned out to be... ehm... 12,225,355 faces.
Which is indeed quite too much for such a scene, and is basically due to the UNOPTIMIZED modeling. Hey, there's a lot of wasted polys in there. But optimizing would have taken even more time than the one required to cope with such a high number of polys.
Ok, you already know that. No matter how hard I cried, and no matter the language I used to pray the 3Dgods, this scene wouldn't render on a single pass. (ok I know it's not surprising.. but you know... never give up on hope! :shrug:)
Therefore I had to subdivide the scene in 5 steps and render them separately. Keeping coerent lighting was a little challenge, as well as maintaining some form of discipline along the pipeline (because of course once I started subdividing, I also started to tweak every singular piece and adding details and...:banghead: )
Subdividing gave me some much needed freedom as well, once I entered the compositing stage. At that moment I also decided that, for the sake of the overall composition, I even had to further HIDE more details from view. ahahah such a waste of rendering time ah ah ah :curious::blush:

For those who asked, smoke and steam are part hand made, part partciles (because the background layer for this image (everything but the bridge and the building in the foreground) comes from a simple animation and tehrefore the steam and smoke had to be animated.
I’ll leave you with a closeup of one of the main machines you see in the background (the “Daridras” as I call them), taken from another scene.

In here the steam and smoke are painted over and it shows… Maybe I’ll get back to this later on… mmh… see ya later!!


Hi Marco,
An extraordinary job, full of atmosphere and of details.
For me 5 stars :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Hi Marco,

Good work… Bravo pure qua!



terrific work. 5 stars, this should deserve frontpage imo.
EDIT: I see in your wireframe that you’re using a lot of gorups - you do know that they’re killer for rendertimes, do you? I had tremendous speedups by just exploding groups in my scenes… groups in Max are nasty :expressionless: