RAIL EXTRUDING a straight path ???


i’m trying to make a straight rail curve.
I just want a disc to rail extrude from one point to another and not curve smoothly to each change.
does this make any sense?


Set it to rail extrude based on the number of knots and bias it to those knots (vertices)


Your extruded path looks abit skewed aswell. This is because the profile and the start of the curve don’t line up properly. (In most cases you want the profile to be perpendicular to the start of the curve). As it’s hard to make them line up perfectly simply by eye when the curve starts with an arbitrary angle, like in your example, I’d suggest you add a couple of segments to the start of the spline and make this section run straight along an axis so aligning the profile to the spline will be an easy job. Later, after the rail extrusion, just delete these sections.


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