Raiders Terran Kirusin Project Assembly


hi, so my school test are closeing in but I would like to organize things to my come back… so If any of you are still out there then please report as fast as you can to our forum

… we’re starting to gather up a team for the grand reopening… I’ll try to reanimate the project… so for now I’m avalible only for organisation matters… let’s get this rusty motor running… Waiting for your replay

Also we’re looking for new potential participants… If your interested with the project and would like to know more about it just send me a Private Message…



hey crash…long time no see…well if you need me I’ll be glad to help…good to hear from you again…:thumbsup:


1 down lots to go :slight_smile: well this time I ain’t giving up so easy… :buttrock: Greetz
PS Good to have you on board :beer:


maybe we should outline things a bit and post some pretty pictures? That seems to get people in the working spirit…


I agree totally!!:applause:


Raiders Scrap Tank prototype[plate]: by Crash

Raiders Scrap Tank prototype[whole]: by Crash

Raiders Scrap Tank prototype [innerview]: by Crash

Raiders Scrap Tank prototype [downside]: by Crash

Raiders Scrap Tank prototype [attempt on texturing]: by Crash

Nebula: by Crash

Raiders Fighter: by Thelios

Kirusin Text: by Amalinde:

Kirusin Fighter prototype:by Harrad

Kirusin Bomber prototype: by ThetaDot

Page Layout prototype: by Amalinde

So here are the images enjoy people :beer: And tell us if any of are interested we need: 2dArtists [tesctures and concept art] 3dArtists [organic and non organic modeling and texturing] storyboard writers [to help me out with the whole story]. Greetz


Hmmmm is anybody alive in here? Hey if you don’t won’t to join us that’s cool but you could at least say a few words of criticism on the images…:slight_smile: Greetz :beer:


i personally like them… except one problem… i think the next to last one doesn’t work…or the image isn’t there… umm…also what hapened to the others? maybe we need to send them a notice saying that it’s going back up…just an idea…


hey guys listen up I just thought about the purpose of the project and I think that when we establish some nice story fundaments… gather everything up and get the page up and running we could think about making this a game, one of few: Space RTS [aka Homeworld] Pure Strategy [aka Masters Of Orion]
or a Space Shooter like Freespace… I know it’s a lot of work but at least we would know what we want for certine… but first you have to help me to gather up a good responsible and dedicated team… I’ll take care of establishing Threads on the sci fi meshes forum and a few others and I’ll notice the old team, we’ll see how many of them are still willing to help out. I would be greatful if you would help me out with finding some artists like storyboard writers 3d modelers and 2d cocept & texture artists… Greetz :beer:


Greetings Earth beeings :smiley:

I will join you again short affter compliting my model for school :slight_smile:

Or maybe in process :smiley:

Ok In process :smiley:

Welcome again :slight_smile:




come on please!!! I’m still here… as long as I am given orders. I can be creative but you have to give me atleast a few guidelines.




ok guys my appel to everyone… gather as much talented people as you can, try everywhere… we must spread the news… gathewr everyone into this thread… as soon as we have a strong team I’ll make some cleaning up on our forum and I’m going to write a work plan for everyone…


Originally posted by Theta-Dot



well, you’re posts are sure…different…

I have no idea if I’ll have time to work on this, busy with CgSearch ( not finished…) but if we get it done in time, I’m all for this…though I’m not the “talented people” as you so need…


I am still in, due to that yesturday was my last day of school, so I am free :beer:, anyway i am in still. Sadly i lost the past ship models, due to my old comp got fried, but I got a new comp and it is alot better, same said for my skills as a 3DArtist:bounce:, I see that you’ve been working on that tank, looking good man


hell your a talented support team member… you know that unLevel… without your help there wouldn’t be no forum for us… and that would be tha final nail to the grave for the project… so stop talking nonsense and help us out as soon as you can… your part of the familly :beer: no familly no project :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


well, I do think that a lot of the stuff should be put here, but yes, the forums shall stay…and the reason they’re still there is cause I’m too lazy to clean out the account…



I’ll also see when I can re-do the site, though it’s early for one…


hey crash i was wondering if you would like to move the project to maybe a whole new community just for the RTK Project? what i mean is that you can get a free forum here… link

just a suggestion…


good to see you Thelios <shakeshand> Now you know we’re particulary starting all over :slight_smile: but hey we’ve got the bassis for tis projec… unLevel tell me , can you provide us with space for the page and a FTP Server for all the models and stuff??


Well Crash for ftp i can make some place on my Server :slight_smile:


good idea Brent - I’m sure you;ll be perfect for this job… get us a new starting ground :slight_smile: Like I said for now… and that’s going to be about 30 days I’m for coordination support only… I want to get everything up and running by then… If it’s possible try to transfer the old forum threads to the new forum… keep me informed… I’m going to sleep now I’ll check with you guys in the morning in about 6 hours. Bye