Ragnar Lothbrok Game model


Hello to everyone, I started doing a portfolio project, its a representation of Vikings TV series protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel.If you havent watched the show I suggest you do so!

So far I havent done much, except for the likeness, did a sculpt in Zbrush, mainly trial and error but once I was happy I went on and gave it a texture. Now ill be working more on the beard and then Ill start doing the clothing. Note that this is s04 Ragnar.

Rendered in Marmoset


Had to go back to the sculpt after sleep. With Likeness my eyes get fixed on something and the more tired I get the more I think he looks like something, but he doesnt. So now a fresh eye allowed me to fix some shapes and forms.


Kept experimenting with proportions and epidermis texture. Really happy with the result so far.
Onto the next step now!


Kept comparing and playing with skin texture and lighting.


Respect ! Superb boulot. Très fidèle à l’original. Bravo !


Clothing base done, will give it detailing after i do the retopo. Some updates on skin lighting and proportion


Almost there! Im focusing now on posing him, giving him a weapon and some small details, like stitching on his sleeves and some snakes. Yes - snakes. :wink:


Okay, just pedestal, lighting and post production left after this! :


we’re done here