Radial Perimeter Smear?


I’m trying to create a stylized effect over some basic fluid effects I’m making in 3DS Max. Tried to see if Lens Effects could make it happen, but can’t seem to manage.

Basically, the effect I’m going for is for the outer edges of the fluid to smeared by numerous uneven streaks fanning out from the center of the effect mass rather than being in one single direction.
Imagine, say, a layer of 2 dimensional luminous fur running over the bounds of the effect.

Once upon a time something like FinalFlares could have done this and more, but modern versions of Max don’t support it. VRay only has realistic lens effects that can’t be tailored into anything not aiming to be photoreal.

I almost want to see if Premier or After Effects can pull this off with render elements, but I know precious little of the effects side of those editing programs. I do prefer an “in-camera” solution with 3D renderings whenever possible.