Radeon ProRender Tips and FAQ


This thread is for anyone new to Radeon ProRender as well as tips and advice to pull off successful renders.

Radeon™ ProRender is AMD’s powerful physically-based rendering engine that enables creative professionals to produce stunningly photorealistic images. You can download AMD’s free Radeon™ ProRender plug-ins for 3ds Max, Maya, and Blender here. Radeon ProRender is also integrated into Cinema 4D R19.


Hello and thank you for this great opportunity. I installed the ProRender, it is running fine and I want to use it from the beguiling in my challenge entry.

I want to know what would be the workflow using the Radeon ProRender in Maya to create human skin. I didn’t find any skin in the Material Browser or a suitable SSS material for this use and I understand Maya materials may not render properly. Thank you


Any tip to get Hair Shader ?
-melanin, tint lobes, transmission, … -


Will have some help in here for you shortly


Skin shader:
Use the Uber2 shader, there is a SSS section in there.

Hair shader:
Not yet, it is on the roadmap. I would also suggest using Uber2 there as well.


Does AMD’s RADEON ProRender support NVIDIA GPUs or just AMD’s?


Thank you very useful!


It uses OpenCL 1.2. So as long as your card supports that you should be fine.


What preset in Substance Painter will deliver the best results when exporting textures for ProRender?