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This is a quick idea that I have been kicking around. Critiques are vastly welcome. It is a quick sketch, and I hope to have more info to share with you all in a few days.


I like your sketch and i will be back to see your modeling :wink:


Nice sketch zero!

looking forward to see the model develop.



Fleshing out the idea. Decided to go with a more… well humanoid approach.


Impressive face:thumbsup:
I like that good modelling.
I wait for whole body - Keep that way:applause:




Heheh head modelling work, almost done. Not happy with the helmet.

in color where available:


Wow, Zero, that is looking MUCH better! I much prefer the face tentacles now that they are no longer straight - he looks far more believable now - and extraordinarily cool too! :applause:

Something that bothers me slightly about the face is the lips. They are a little too pouty - it looks like this guy (or is it a girl? hard to tell) has had silicone implants in his lips. So make them a little less puffy :slight_smile:

The helmet - is it meant to be metal of leather? Somehow I think that leather would really suit this character. Perhaps you could give it a nice leather texture with thick stitched seams around the edges. I think that leather would suit it because to me this seems like a very eaerthy creature, and leather is nice and rustic :slight_smile:

Another detail that might be cool to add to the helmet would be some tendril-like strips of leather, or something to that effect. A nice way of giving something a sense of believability and depth is to create some kind of sense of culture for it - adding some strips of leather to the mask could be seen as their way of adding a facet of their own appearance to their armour - in primitive cultures, armour makers would often add things to the armour that would intimidate the enemy. Now, these tentacles on their faces are pretty scary already, and to add more to the armour would give the effect, perhaps, that the armour maker had attempted to make that effect even stronger and more apparent by increasing that scary look by incorporating that particular feature of this race into their armour as well :smiley:

Something that you still need to do is give us a back story to this guy - what kind of creature is it? Where does he live? What kind of life does he lead?

Keep going, this is a great model so far! :thumbsup:


Another update. Worked more on the helmet. Happy with it now. Have to add more details, then (woo) done with the head modelling.


It looks like your model is really highpoly? There are some places that look too sharp, like on the nose, the middle of the chin and so on. Cool concept otherwise. It’s a big improvement from the first pic you showed.


hey ZN

it reminds me medusa from the greek mythology…

where is Jason and the argonauts ;))

Anyway well done, just continue the body in this style …

Keep update


wow! nice design! :smiley:


wow the helmet is teh pwnage!

but for the face, use the old colour, the greyish green, not the poisonous green :wink:


ok, so I can’t paint skin maps to save a hamster from the ‘Big Wheel’ :stuck_out_tongue: sigh Eye maps are temporary until I can paint one.

Must say the UV setup for this one was NERVE-WRACKING :smiley:



The textures are lookign very good. The only thing that catches my eye is the brightness of them both the helmet and the skin seem to have a high specular level perhaps… or it could eb the base texture. I think they should look darker more gloomy etc.

Lookign very good though


Looks real cool zero… berry berry nice

Helmet texture needs some work… it doesnt look like a distinguishable material. Do the old google image search for helmets and see what they look like.


The beginning of the next step.


That is a great start to the textures! :smiley:

However, I do have a few crits :slight_smile:

  • The tattoo should be less harsh. Do you have any tattoos yourself? Tattoos are only that black when they are JUST done, after which they rapidly fadea bit once they heal. Tattooed skin is also technically scarred, so the skin is a lot shinier, the way scars usually are.
    I recommend that you add a bit of blue pigment to the tattoo as well, as the blue ink use by tattooists is usually quite a blue black.

  • The skin colour seems to be every so slightly too mottled. Try and make the variation in tones just a little more subtle. At the moment, the browns look more like dirt than actual tonal changes.

  • As you mentioned on IRC, the bump map is dull. Add wrinkles, and little details like that into the skin. It’s very important for skin to have some kind of roughness to it.

  • The spec map is too constant. Make the actual skin slightly more matte, and then add more shine to areas like the lips.

  • The helmet texture is too low res, and is stretching in places.

  • The helmet is also a little dull. Try giving it some more spec here and there.

I also have a suggestion for the tentacle bits on the face - why not make them slightly different to the rest of the skin? Perhaps you could even go so far as to make them slightly scaley, or something like that, with some cool bump maps and spec maps… Just a thought :slight_smile:

Well, those are just some thoughts and suggestions :smiley:

Keep going! :wip:


My crits:

Your leather helmet needs to look more leatherish and fabricish (remember leather cracks.) rather now it seems to have a stone sort of look to it, because of the grain, perhaps. Fabric like leather tends to have blotches patches cracks and grain etc.

The tattoo is way to dark, fade it a bit. Dont have it one tone. Some areas darker some lighter.

When monsters beast oceanic life, have extensions. Like tentacles, or cats whiskers, they have a purpose. Try to give them the look of a necessity. Perhaps for sense, or somthing of that nature. If they are of use make them look a bit worn, or like leighs idea, scaly etc.

few ideas to keep yah going =)

Love the work though


Looking good - for the tenticle texuture - maybe sothing different color and slightly different texture, like the purple on a jellyfish. who knows. The eyes also seem to need some TLC, of your going wild with the pupil might as well model them differently like a fish or somthing perhaps, with the underlying structure changed as well.

Maybe that’s just me but I love half human half animal faces with more animal!



Thanks to everyone for their advice and criticism. I am now finished with the shaders, and can begin to tackle the body :stuck_out_tongue: man that is going to be a wicked dash :smiley:


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