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Count me in! Just getting my thread started:airguitar :buttrock:



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Any concepts yet?


I’ll try to get a concept up in the next few days. I just took a new job and it’s sucking up all my time:argh:


COMON!!!(just to say something):smiley:


I want to find space here to say how I liked your living toon entry


Hey guys! Thanks for the replies!
Here’s my concept…sorry it’s so sloppy:blush:

I’m thinking he’s from a race of people living along the coast, who are mostly fishermen. They keep to themselves so not much is known about them.
I’m really too tired to think up anymore of a story line right now…sorry:insane:
Carlocki: Thanks for the compliment:love:


And a really quick underpainting…


Hey, I like it. Nice little details in the clothing. Good mood colours in the underpainting. But I hope you warm it up later.


Nice guy, me like those interdigits membranes (hitting english), and the blue tones are very “seashore reminding”


yes good colour palette


Great Character man…I like it alot.
I dig ya style:thumbsup:



Here’s an update:

Thanks for the c&c:cool:
Gamoron: The palette is going to remain relatively cool, but I’ll be adding some orange tones when I get further into rendering to add some depth.

Pancreas&Carlocki: Glad you like the palette and it reminds you of the seashore…that’s what I was going for. It should be even easier to get that feel now that I’ve added the sea:D

Tommy Lee: Thanks dude!:beer:


Rachel, ya style is so unique,… so moody. Your use of colors is superb.
Ya have to post ya work in some online-artshop and ya pieces are sold allready!!!:thumbsup:
You do absolute sellable(does this word exist???lol) images. I like to have them on my wall. Keep on ya good work…

BTW: This piece reminds me on Friedenreich Hundertwasser…let him rest in piece!

Cheerz dudette

Tommy Lee


Tommy Lee: :love: :blush: :blush: Thanks for the kind words, dude! I’d like to illustrate professionally some day, so maybe I’m getting closer to that goal.( I hope) Thanks again:beer:


Here’s another update. I’m beginning to smooth out the lines from my sketch with the smudge tool. I will be going back over to add in sharper details later on in the rendering. It looks a little fuzzy right now though.:stuck_out_tongue:

And a detail of the face:

I will also be adding more highlights to define the light source a bit more.
Any crits?


May ya give some warm yellow(max 10-15% oppacity and 20% Flow) to the Higlights in multiple-mode with the airbrush to give a warmer look then spot in some white in normalmode with ca. 50% oppacity and 20% Flow. Make sure ya turned airbrush off!!!And also some high amplitude Highlits to the eyes: Normalmode up to 80% opacity and 20% Flow. Thats it… Now it should look something like this:


Like your color choices. I might get a bit more orange/reds in there where the yellows are right now, so the piece is not entirely cold.


Yeah I’d agree with the other 2. A bit of warm highlights in there, the mood of the scene is great but this guy is obviously a happy sort, and I think you should bring his joy out some how. I love it.

P.S. Do they walk hunched like that, or is he doing it for the image?


Thanks guys! I had actually started to do exactly what you’re suggesting…I just hadn’t made enough progress to update:D
I’ll be painting more today…so an update is coming a little later. I’ll work those warm tones in:thumbsup:
Thanx for the paintover, Tommy:beer:


I agree with the rest, you really did a good job creating a sea atmosphere. looking forward to the next update. :thumbsup: