Races of Middle Earth - Character - Totitch


Ok! i enter this challenge this time!

I did 2 different sketches! one is a Falcon-man, from a Serbian Legend ivanimal told me about! I really like this character but i don’t think i will find the time to make the wings! Too much work…

The second one is a mole-man, strange creature living underground, without light… This creature like to eat little creature like Fellah’s bastard one…So easy to catch! :rolleyes: :smiley:

Waiting for answers to choose the one i will do! it depends of the critics…

happy to be with you all! Let’s go!:bounce:


The falcon.


It rocks.



LOL!!! :smiley: the second one totitchos, the second one!!! :smiley: more your style! and you’ll have good reference from your own face! ahahaha! more more more :smiley:


First one rocks! great concepts!


I’d run with the second one. those wings seem like a lot of hassle:bounce:
great sketches by the way:thumbsup:


Heh, you two crack me up… :smiley:

I agree with fellah got to be the Mole Man mainly because it’ll be able to whup fellahs little bastard… Hmm doesnt quite sound right does it

Excellent concepts as usual :thumbsup:

Later gators


second one totitch !
great to see you back in the moon back tchac attack pak mik mak !


Hey great work!!!
The second is more original, but the first one rocks!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


You now my oppinion …Great drawings!


The second One looks awefull…That’s the one I prefere!!
Excellent design toticevitswzky!! :applause: :applause:


j’kiff bien la tete de ton naigle :slight_smile: (gege 2100 aussi)


The mole…and make sure you animate him eating a roasted version of fellah’s later…that should be really funny:buttrock:

sorry Fellah!..the mole gotta eat :hmm:


give fellah a run for his money !!!


I’d say the second one…and you can have him daintily pick his nose with fellah’s little guy’s thigh bone after he eats him!


totitch, please say you haven’t started to model yet! I changed my mind! my little creature is getting nervous, model the falcon please, pleeeeeeeease! :slight_smile:


woooohooooooo!!! (*)

(*) translation for those who need it: "good to see you’re in!! so hard to choose only one of those two concepts, but I’d say the second one matches your style better. Pick the one you want to of course, because both are great, as long as you finish this time!!



Oh, it’s so wonderful to see you entering this challenge, Totitch :thumbsup:
Both drawings are obviously fantastic, but I think you should go for the second one - it’s much funnier :D:D:D:D


:eek: “punch in the face” :wink:

Great Concepts! i love the Falconman :thumbsup:


This time is 4 real!! CANT WAIT TO SEE IT IN SUPERCOOL 3D!!!
U rox…a lot,and more!:beer:


i vote for the second one…great to see you enter…all your stuff rocks:cool: