Races of Middle Earth - Character - .::STRIKE::.


i’m in for this one :slight_smile:

I have some precise ideas about my character :wink: but i’ll tell more next time i’ll post.


Ahh… i saw you lurking on the challenge thread. I wondered when you would join! :smiley:

Whatever you do, it will most likely be up to your usual standard.

No pressure, of course!:thumbsup:


héhé thx erilaz :wink:

Well let’s start it. I choose to create a special creature named “The Swamp Keeper” from the haunted swamp of the Dead Marshes, where Gollum, Sam and Frodo where going across.

In the movie we have seen a Nazgul flying around the swamp, but i thought : All these undead are not kept just by Nazguls who are already alot busy with their tasks… So let’s just imagine that the 3 companions met a strange creature named “Ar-Lum keeper of the undeads” during their travel. This one would be a mix of different textures like some bones found around the swamp, flesh of the deads, and some grass and mud, the whole thing kept by roots growing from the earth to keep him in an entire entity… :wink: sounds nice ?

This one will finally be a living thing, without anything living on him, and untouchable coz even destroyed, he could reappear by finding bones and flesh around… A kinda immortal spirit not created by Sauron, but here since centuries, and the beginning of the middle Earth… A kinda Death Ripper in fact… Keeping the deads were they are and neutral with everything and everybody. A free soul, but ready to give you the death and steel your spirit.

here are my first images :

I didn’t use any UV maps for now, but just alot of different layers on my color maps, specular and bumps. I did that in something like 12 hours.

I have to add all the different mud, roots, grass and head of course :wink:


nice start strike and interestig story:thumbsup:


Nice idea, and nice execution so far. What’s his head going to be like? :thumbsup:


what a gret start! good solid story too. this should be excellent to watch


Great start! I shall keep a close eye on this one. :applause:


is that what i think it is hanging between his legs?


hmm… not my intention… it was flesh in fact…

Let’s have a look to a final preview shot :

Original Background by Ted Nasmith : http://www.tolkien.com.br/imagens/ilust/sda/tn_through_the_marshes.JPG


I like the environment…did you make that? the character looks cool too…have you had this in the making for a while or what cause your kicking the crap out of the time limit…great job:thumbsup:


Man, thats a great start and an interesting character, I like the textures.

But I have one really important not to be ignored piece of life saving advice…

Slow down dude, its like 8 weeks until the next challenge :bounce:




Holy Jeebus man! You move to fast! Great work, I love it! :drool:


Definetly, I gotta start modelling…

Great work STRIKE.


Great to see you in one this one, Strike! :thumbsup:

And can I say - WOW! :applause: Your character so far is looking AWESOME!!! I particularly like the lighting on it - it’s really showing off all the great tones you’ve put into the textures! Fantastic work so far, I’m really looking forward to seeing this one develop!!!

Good luck for the rest of the challenge! :cool:


well thx ! :slight_smile:

Leigh : have a good challenge too ! :wink:

adding some roots :


Adding pustules and mud on the skin with particles on surface. This method will permise me to animate this mud later, and then showing the move it will have from top to down, like a kinda heavy liquid falling on the feet of Ar-Lum.

Pustules are a kinda very dangerous weapon of this creature, coz only a touch of his hand will probably give you some bad disease driving you to a long death if however you can escape this swamp keeper.

Problem of this method, is the render times are very long… Some 4 hours to render this image :



looks awesome, i’m certain you prolly already know and have done this, but for the mud stuff have you tried these methods?

take a subd’d version of your model, fairly randomly select polys, invert the selection and delete the polys, then take the remaining polys and extrude them out once, subd them and voila instant globby wet surface (works great for condensation too).

an altrenative that owuld be animatable, might be to clone the model, smooth shift it smaller, and then use a good displacement map, then you could get away with far fewer particles of the actual mud, just animate teh displacement with a slight vertical movememnt, maybe mix a couple of displacements, so taht a smaller displacement moves y negative over a larger much slower moving displacement.

anyhow really increibly great work, and i’m amazed at how fast you managed to model and texture this so well!:thumbsup:


great work strike :thumbsup:

are you toooooooo fast or i’m toooooooo slow:eek: