Races Of Middle Earth- Character- Lunatique


Okokokok. I got asked about 7 times in the last week to do this challenge by different people. I kept trying to get out of it, but man! Peer pressure is hard to cope with!

So, here I am. Stop bugging me already. :smiley:

Anyway, I would’ve uploaded my sketch, except my webspace just got disabled because I forgot to update my payment plan with the new credit card number. Should be back in service in a day or two.


Uh Oh … we’re in trouble now. :smiley:

Welcome to the challenge Luna. Glad you were coerced (runs off to check spelling - WOoooo! I got it right!) into this one. I’m always impressed by the work that you do and can’t wait to see your entry.


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looking forward to your entry man.


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I hope you can post some stuff soon Lunatique. I really like your work.


Glad you joined us Lunatique! Looking forward to your entry:beer:


Here we go.

Race: Blood Sirens. They are beautiful, alluring, deadly, and tragic changling creatures that roam the Middle Earth. They fall deeply and madly in love with every man they see, yet to consummate their love is to lead to tragedy.

Origin: According to ancient legend, a powerful witch who was in love with a man, tried everything to bewitch him and have him. She used all the spells she knew, and tried every trick in the book, but could not get him to love her back. Eventually she found out the reason he paid no attention to her was because he was already in love with another girl.

The girl he loved was heart-achingly beautiful, kind, gentle, and had a singing voice that can move grown men to tears.

The witch was driven to insanity by jealousy, as her own beauty paled next to the girl the man loved. Her rage, bitterness, and jealousy twisted her into a disfigured monster. The witch blamed the girl for her misfortunes, and exacted revenge.

A curse was put on the girl, and every beautiful girl with a lovely singing voice that crossed the path of the witch. As the result of the curse, the race of Blood Sirens was born.

The Curse: Blood Sirens are cursed to be forever falling in love with and longing for men they can’t have and can’t get close to. During the day, the Blood Sirens takes on the form of wolves, making them seemingly dangerous creatures to be around–despite the fact they do not have the mind and heart of a real wolf. This torturous form makes it impossible for the Blood Sirens to be near the men they love, as humans generally run away at the first sight of wolves. The Blood Sirens can only secretly watch the men they love from afar, while trying to survive against hunters. After sunset, they return to human form, but the curse doesn’t end there. The cursed girls cannot speak, but can only express their emotions by singing. Men are drawn to these soulful, sad, and beautiful singing voices at night. If the Blood Sirens allowed themselves to consummate their love for a man during the night, their deadly instinct will take over, causing them to slaughter and feed on the one they love. Afterwards, their consciousness will return, and they will be horrified and tortured by the memory of what they had done to the man they love.

As if that wasn’t enough of a revenge, the witch made sure that the horrible memory of the slaughter and feeding will fade soon, only to come back full force when the same tragedy happens. Each time, the forgotten memory will come back, one stacked on top of another, making the torture of guilt unbearable.

The worst part of this curse is, the Blood Sirens are immortal. They cannot commit suicide, so they are doomed to live an eternity in tragedy and pain–killing the ones they love over and over and over. The witch that cursed these beautiful girls had long been dead, and no one knows how many of these creatures she had created, or how to break the curse. All they know is that when you hear the beautifully haunting singing of one of them at night, you better run the other way. No matter how heartbreaking, lonely, and lovely the singing is, just run.

And what happened to the man that the witch loved? Why, he became the first victim of the woman he loved, of course.

How I came up with the idea: Tolkien’s world is sorely short on female characters. It was the logical choice for me.

The first steps:

1)rough sketch to get the composition down.

2)detailed drawing.

3)blocked in basic colors for the color scheme, and the basic lighting scheme.


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great concept and a beautiful composition!
The man looks a little bit… skinny but thats about it :slight_smile:



BTW, just to make this clear:

It’s usally a mixed bag when it comes to showing work in progress. It can be very beneficial as people might give you helpful suggestions to aid the finished piece, but it can also be frustrating when people keep making suggestions that are already in your plan.

So, I’ll list the things the finished piece should contain:

1)she’ll have blood dripping down her lips.

2)There will be more blood on her hand, and some smeared on her face/body.

3)There will be open wound on the man, and blood smeared on the log, and elsewhere.

4)There will be tears running down her face.

5)And of course, the painting in general will be more detailed in color and in clarity.


WOW…:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Lunatique nice story, nice concept and of course beautiful sketch…looking forward for the update :thumbsup:
Btw: thanks for the replay :slight_smile:


Great Beginning Lunatique. If you don’t mind I’d like to crit one thing. Personal preference maybe. But I think that you should maybe make the tree trunks just a little less straight, if you did I think it would add a lot more to your comp. The trees look real linear so far. Other then that its looking real beautiful.


great concept, great painting. :arteest:


Here’s the latest update. The reason why it’s flipped is because that’s one of my working habits. I keep flipping at every stage to make sure none of my right-hand bias seeps in and ruins things.

Here’s a crop of it at actual resolution. I’m trying to keep the brushwork looser this time, since painting too tight is a big problem of mine.

Gamoron- Ya, I totally agree with you. It was one of those “I’ll fix it later things” :slight_smile: Notice that I already fixed it in this update. :smiley:

CgFreak- Mermaid?


Here’s one I did really fast just for the hell of it. I think people are sick of seeing me painting cute chicks anyway.

Race: Blood Demon

Origin: Before the time of men and the immortals, there were Blood Demons that roamed Middle Earth. They are vicious and violent creatures that only kills and feeds, until the land became barren of life. Eventually, the Blodd Demons ran out of food, and crawled into the deepest crevices of the ice mountains to sleep…and wait. They slept for centuries and centuries–until they were woken up by the presence of powerful magic. . …


I like it. Though I like your cute chicks too. :wink:
Which are you going to go with?


I can only submit one?


I like the hybrid idea we said in #cgtalk…but i dig @2 the most…girls are done to death (nothing wrong with girls tho, and the story is sweet)

just myopinion…either way it rocks.


Finished. I decided not to go with the hybrid idea, since adding the creature kind of destroys the ethereal/melancholic feel.

Here are some closeups:


yeah soften the highlight a bit, great work tho man.

really has a great sense of depth!