Races of Middle Earth - Character - Culann


I’ll try to do something for this one, I have quite a nice idea…
Expect some sketches to pop up eventually.:slight_smile:


Alright, I made up my mind.
The race I’m going to use are ‘Sandmen from Far Harad’. Harad is a desert dominated part of Middle Earth, so they will fit in alright.
The attached sketch still looks somewhat cartoony, but my aim is a more realistic take on. We’ll see what I can do. I just wanted to get it out here. :slight_smile:
Backstory of the sandmen will follow.


Ther he goes…looks good so far!!!

Nice idea:thumbsup:

Cheerz dude



Thank you, Tommy! :slight_smile:

Right, here’s a bit of back story, thrown together rather quickly. I don’t really enjoy writing in somebody else’s universe, but what can I do, eh? :wink:

Sandmen are artificial beings, created by Morgoth in the dark past of Middle Earth.

Formed from debris of rock, sand and fire, they were fell creatures, crude replica of the race of men, created only to quench the Dark Lord’s desire for torture and pain. In the deep bowels of the earth beneath Angband, they spent their days in darkness. The day came, however, that Morgoth once again went out to war, and the minds of the guards of Angband were bent on other things than the protection of the prisoners. It was then, that a group of strong sandmen, led by a youth named Fraeg, threw down the bars of black iron and overpowered their swarthy guards. Their pent up anger raged unchecked, and after they had united, formed an army comprised of their kind, they burst out of the fortress sparing none in their path.
They made their way through the lands of the world, hidden and furtive. Many who saw them mistook them for ghosts, spirits of the otherworld. After years and years of wandering, they reached the vast expanses of the deserts of Harad, and every trace of them was lost in the coarse sand. Over an age passed until they resurfaced, stronger and cleared of the evil wrought into them. They had evolved, merged with their surroundings. They were the sand. They had formed splintered groups, nomadic tribes which patrolled the borders of their territory, ruthlessly eliminating any followers of Sauron they happened upon. They evaded the gaze of men, and elves, and dwarves, and few creatures who ever laid eyes upon them lived to tell of their encounter.


Great idea!
At first sight one would think “Dune” then reading the rest of it and get so many ideas.
Heck I mean, since you havnt seen any desserts in the movie, theese creatures doesnt have to look like the other ones and can function in other ways.
Keep it up!


Thanks Alice.
Yup, you’re right about the deserts. Although we have seen people from Near Harad in the Two Towers (the ones with the Oliphaunt), it’s still a far cry from Far Harad. We’ll see what costumes designs I can come up with to go with that fact… :slight_smile:


Sounds good so far Culann. Looking forward to seeing another sketch.



Thanx Gamoron, right now I’m workin on a couple of more elaborate sketches.
I’ll post them when I’m happy with their look. :slight_smile:


Culann I love it man and great back story way to stick to the tolkien flavor.
can’t wait to see more. :applause:


Well, thank you. :slight_smile:
More is on the way, I assure you that, but the facial study I’m doing right now is quite detailed pencil work, so that takes some time…should go up tomorrow, though. :wavey:


Good start … I’m waiting for your next sketch before I add more comments. I like it so far though. :thumbsup:


Hey Kirt, thanks!
Well, here’s my next ‘sketch’, although it’s a little bit more than that. What fiddly work it was… :wink:
I’m working out the final composition now, and the final character will most likely be a hybrid of the first and the second designs. I liked those facial markings of the first one, so they’ll probably reappear.:slight_smile:


Wow!!! Looks great:thumbsup: …just one thing… The eyes are not on the same hight,… that looks strange.
I hope it´s no prob… I took ya pic to show ya what I mean:


Thank you for the paintover, Tommy.
But since he isn’t really human (only a ‘crude replica’), it doesn’t matter that much that he looks a little skewed. :wink:


Awesome looking sketch Culann, nice attention to the details. Looking really good, I like the improvements.


Nice drawing…I like the texture you’ve achieved on the skin.
Very cool!:beer:


Okeydokey dude! Anyway great Image…damn cool details:thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Thanks Gamoron and Wildsheepchase (and Tommy, again ;))
Work is proceeding nicely, although I may have to slow down a bit considering I have a portfolio to complete. (How often have I said that recently?..must have been quite a regular comment :stuck_out_tongue: ) Composition proves to be a tad hard to pin down, since I can’t decide on a final one…we’ll see.


Here’s a composition sketch. It’s a pretty good indication of how the final composition will look like. I’ve already started the final image and progress is good. I hope to complete a nice background as well as several figures in the foreground, not just one, as is the case in this sketch. :wip:


:eek: :eek: :eek: Now thats an action-shot. Great!!!:applause: